Characteristics Of A Good Employee

What are the characteristics of a good employee?

On the sides of the employer, it is a part of their obligation to appraise if who among of their employees have the capacity to become an asset of the organization.

It is not quite easy to find out and keep those valuable employee. The people who have the potential to become good employees for the future, are the ones who should be hired because in them we can surely expect the best attributes, for employees who have the potential assets to the company.

So in this article we will be discussing things in regard to the best employees who possess the characteristics of a good employee.

Top employees should have the following characteristics:

Below are the lists of the 15 steps or ultimate guides on how to become the best employee ever.

1) Listening skills – most people love to talk than to hear, so if you want people to like you just listen to them very well and you will have somebody to always talk for a longer time,

because they like to be with people whom they are being respected and heard, and understood about their ideas, feelings, and knowledge that they shared. The better listener you are, is the more people would like to talk to you.

2) Competence – if you are able to do your job well you will be seen very competent by your employer, because they are looking at employees who are effective in the assigned duties that they have.

So skills and knowledge are very important for an employee as a sign of being great at what you are doing.

You are going to build a closer relationship with your employer because they want people who are reliable and a possible candidate to be the best asset of the company.

3) Self- motivated: being responsible with the assigned position, is taking the responsibility and with the sense of ownership of the company.

Self-motivated employee will not look at the time while working but on the completeness of the task given for completion. You are also able to work long hours without supervision.

You should always be ready to do any extra task assigned which includes the unavoidable sudden change of schedule or overtime works needed for immediate orders prioritization.

4) Adaptability/ Decisiveness and Effectiveness in learning: Those employees who are flexible and adaptable in any environment, they are the ones  who are willing to learn new things,

or they are called quick learners people, who perform their best, even if there are many changes in the tasks they are still able to perform to the best as possible within the organization.

5) Be on your focus and in concentration: We all have some problems at home that needs to be resolved but an employee who have stayed in focus will still be able to perform their best output as they are not bringing their bad moods and problems from home.

Their continuous focus is still helping them to be motivated to work even though they have some problems that are still to be taken action.

6) Team player: Most companies have employees who are working as a team. And those companies who require teams are looking for effective team members, who can render the best performance as possible.

In every team there should be an ideal worker, who can be relied on to work as a team. Being a team player is very important in the companies who require team collaborations.

The skill of every member of the team will play a big role in the team. Therefore, in teamwork we should not remove the word team or else teamwork will become only work, so then who would like it now. So make sure to keep teamwork as teamwork no matter what happens.

7) Honesty is known to be the best policy: One of the qualities of the best employee is his honesty towards his job, colleagues, employer or to the company. An honest employee can be trusted and relied on in everything.

The company is fully trusting its employees to use mostly all the equipment necessary for the job assigned, and almost all of them are expensive, therefore,

to be honest and to have the sense of ownership of everything that belongs to the company and even for those that belong to the colleagues, an honest employee will take care of all of them assuming that it is his own thing.

8) Cooperative and Supportive to the colleagues: You have shared the biggest contributions to your colleagues when you show that you are doing your very best for the sake of the fulfillment and achievement of your colleagues in the team.

The more enthusiasm that you shared with your team is the more they will appreciate your effort and it will make you shine towards all your colleagues including to the company.

9) It’s vital to be ethical: Rules and regulations are to be followed: There are right manners that needs to be kept in every place of the organization.

A good employee will always follow the policies and procedures set by the management or company which will be a good example from other colleagues to inspire them to do the same.

10) Being Polite: to be friendly and approachable are some traits of a good employee. A good employee should be respectful, obedient, and courteous,

whenever you meet your colleagues you should always have a greeting to make just to let them know that there is someone like you around. So the words please, good day, thank you, you’re welcome, etc.

could always be heard from your mouth for all the time when you are with your colleagues, and it will make a big difference for you.

11) To be optimistic and being a positive thinker is what everyone loves. Being pessimistic is just a small thing but it makes a big difference. You’re attitude will matter a lot when It comes to being a positive thinker.

Even without saying a word by just your action all your colleagues will find out who and what you are. But showing a positive attitude and being a problem solver, will do a lot of changes in your life and on the way how your colleague judge you.

12) Well disciplined personality and to be punctual as always, is what the boss loves, and in this way you will shine among all other employees and then you are building a relationship with your superior and the company.

But coming late will do the opposite, you are ruining their trust in you. Even if you will extend more hours to fill up your missing time, it’s not possible and no employer will ever like and appreciate it.

13) Those who gossip with you will likely gossip about you: Respect your colleague’s privacy by not telling or exposing whatever you heard about them.

You should always remember that they came to the office to work and not with any other purposes but only about the career. Every thing you heard about the office are all confidential and must not be spread outside.

So safeguard and protect the confidential nature of the office business and all transaction, and most of all respect the privacy of co-workers by keeping to yourself everything you know about them.

14) Be hard-working and energetic: Being a hard worker can’t be substituted with anything, even though almost all who are working in the company are claiming to be diligent, but just few of them can work full time work without supervision.

In order for us to be called the best employee, we need to work hard like working with your own company. The best employee will work hard not for eye service or for men- pleaser, but working from the heart with the full honesty and industriousness.

15) Go above and beyond compliance to the task assigned: The best employee knows how to initiate things to do, they don’t need to be told what to do they have common sense and their always objective is to contribute something good to the team. The best employee’s hard work can be so noticeable by the big boss,

and they mostly receive commendation and reward, and they can earn a faster promotion than the rest, and the management will normally choose from them to nominate as the best model employee of the company.

They can complete the task on their own so there will be no need for man to man supervision or maybe micro-management.


So if you can comply all that are stated above about the characteristics of the best employee, then no doubt that you yourself can be, If you just review and review the 15 steps or guide on how to become the best employee,

wherever you work, you will always be seen as an asset of the company, and you will have more chances of getting promoted. Most managers of the company are putting more value on the attitude of the employee, so no matter how experienced you are, if you show a bad attitude towards all, then your talents and skills will not be counted as great because decorum is very important in every establishment. But if you are friendly, humble and approachable, even though you’re not very good at the task assigned, there will be a lot of your colleagues who are willing to help you. The best employee will not look at the time while working but they are focusing about output and completion of work, they are very punctual but always the last one to leave. They are devoted and loyal whether they like the company or not because their aim is always to provide the best service as possible.

I hope you have learnt from this article about being the best employee, and if you have any questions, comments, or maybe reactions please feel free to write them below and I will be more than happy to hear it.


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