How Do dogs say I love you

The most common description we heard about dogs is that they are the man’s best friend.

They are the kind of animals that is in nature friendly and with a strong spirit of loyalty.

Humans have to be advised about respecting the rights of animals.

According to one of the animal behaviorists John Bradshaw, dogs are neither wolves nor furry humans, and the dog owners are fully responsible to ensure their dogs are psychologically healthy.

I used to be scared with dogs, because whenever I heard them barking I thought they are going to bite me.

But when I learned about their behaviors and feelings I then started to understand the meaning of their every reaction and movements according to how they behaved.

Dogs became the man’s best friend because of its being attentive and affectionate, towards their owners.

Thereby, whether you are the richest in the world or you are the poorest among the poor, it doesn’t at all matter for dogs, because they are not after the material things of this world, for as long as they feel that somebody cares for them they love them back unconditionally.

If you are looking for a perfect companion, there is no other as happy and loyal as dogs do.

So, they deserve to be loved like how they genuinely loved us back.

Their signs of love are very evident and clear, through wagging their tails back and forth, jumping, curling up to its owner, and wiggling to those that they love.

Dogs definitely love humans, but how dogs say I LOVE YOU?

We are fortunate enough however, that dogs are so demonstrative, they clearly communicate with their feelings and that is a clear sign that they are so bonded with you.

A lot of people didn’t know that the structures of dogs brain is the same with humans, dogs do produce emotions too.

Therefore, dogs have learned to express their infinite love, and they have appreciated the care you showed to them as being your pet and a friend.

Dogs enjoyed cuddling to us as much as we have enjoyed it. It is proven by science and other specialist that when dogs cuddle with you, it is their way of relieving stress.

Whenever we talk and feed them, we are boosting their oxytocin level.

Hence, some dogs because of their breed genetic history, are not used in cuddling, but most of the breeds are naturally affectionate with their owners.

There are some signs, gestures and behaviors that dogs are showing love to their owners which we need to understand in order for us to be aware that dogs also deserve to be loved like how we wanted to be.

So here are some of those that you need to keep in mind if you own the so called, man’s best friend.


Why dog yawns?

We have seen many times that dogs are yawning whenever we yawned and we thought that they too are feeling sleepy as well same as us

Yet one thing we don’t know is that, there is a special meaning of it, why they simultaneously yawn with us.

So whenever you yawned and your dog will yawn as well, that simply means your pet is emotionally bonded to you.

You will see how your dog loves you through the yawn they have shown in front of you.

Snoozing with you: There are times that you slept alone but when you woke up you’ve realized that your pet is sleeping with you too; that means they trust you so much like no one else.

There is nothing to worry about it, because it’s approved by science as a matter of fact, they have found some benefits of it which is to improve your sleep efficiency; having your pet close to you will help you to have a more relaxing rest.

Wagging their tail is usually interpreted as their friendliness but it’s not just like that nevertheless, it is also portraying a full range of emotions.

What do they mean when they wag their tails?

Wagging of tail is a sort of dog’s language to speak to us. It’s indicating a sign that your dog is open for an emotional engagement and interaction of what is going on around them.

There are different meanings of this and it all depends on the speed and the height of the wag.



A wag that is stiff and low is on the other hand a warning sign to us that your dog is tensed and restless and surely not in the right mood to be friendly.

Lower tail wagging means that they feel a bit nervous.

And the best wagging of their tail is the one that is held high, which is a sign of enthusiasm and confidence, that he’s happy and safe from everyone around him.

And the high tail with a fast wagging generally means the dog is alert and aroused.

But when the tail is wagging high and stiff with some other dog around, it could be displaying dominance.

It can also mean a territorial aggressive display if it occurs at the behind fences, inside the car, windows, door, etc.

Why dog likes to lean on you?

Dogs lean on you because they want to be close to you. Some small dogs like to be on your lap and cuddled while bigger ones do whatever they like just to get close in order to have a body contact with the owner.

Specialists believed that dogs touched and leaned to their owners for the purpose of emotional and physical support, they feel like there is someone who can protect and comfort them.

Leaning is a completely harmless behavior in dogs as it is usually a sign of comfort and love.

Veterinarian also have said that it’s part of the dogs way to tighten its bond with the owner through touching or body contact.

So once your dogs lean on you, it’s a sign of the highest form of trust.

Specialists believed that dogs leaned and touched their owners for physical and emotional support, seeing them as someone who can protect and comfort them.

The study that was published in science stated that dogs experienced a release of positive brain chemicals when they’re with humans they loved, and some veterinarians have said that they often try to tighten its bond through touch.

Do dogs like to be touched on their heads?

Majority of dog training experts are not allowing to go over dogs heads and try to pet them in that way.

Dogs natural perception whenever they are touched on the head is like they are threatened, specially if it’s just your first time meeting each other.

If you notice that he didn’t trust you yet, it’s better to give the dog a little more time to feel more comfortable with your presence.

If the dog has been with you for quite a long time already, you can notice while you are touching his head he’s just tolerating it and starts to close his eyes in appreciation and it’s a sign that your dog has definitely loved you back.

Dogs reaction when you leave:

If your dog just comely see you leaving the house it’s a sign that your dog trusts you and he’s aware that you are for sure still coming back.

Nevertheless, not all dogs have that kind of thinking, as some of them will feel anxious whenever you leave.

But some dogs are so attached to their owners and feel nervous or even anxious to see you leaving.

If you notice that your dog has this kind of feelings and behavior you need to consult the veterinarian’s advice about it.

Dog training experts have suggested that before leaving you have to do some special routine, like touching his head right before leaving, and upon coming back, then the dog will remember this and will not worry so much when you leave because as you touched his head you mean you are coming back.

Train your dog by leaving for a short period, touch his head then come back, then slowly increase the time you spent outside until the dog will learn that when you leave you are still coming back and in this way you will relieve his feeling of anxiety and discomfort.

If dogs are sticking out their tongues and raising their eyebrows:

These are their ways or facial movements when humans are looking at them.

They can raise their eyebrows to make their eyes bigger then show their tongue, as a way to make us understand their true power of love; even on the presence of food, could not matter on whatsoever on this kind of expression.

Another study as well had published on the general science that confirmed about your furry friend of their understanding not only to your words but also to the tone of your speech too.

So your dogs have certainly appreciated all your long love monologues, like ‘Oh your such a good boy, yes you are.’ then give your dog a nice treat.

Your dog seems like crazy when you come back, why?

The department of animal and environment and health had conducted a series of experimentation.

Well those experiments proved that the excitement and warm love is indicating that your dog is massively invested in you.

Every time you come home your dog’s emotion starts a certain process in their bodies that will increase the social hormone oxytocin and decreasing the stress hormone cortisol.

So always spend some time to interact with your dog in both physical and verbal as soon as you come home.

Then, the oxytocin level will be maintained as high as it is for longer period.

Why dogs are gazing into your eyes?

Scientists from the department of animal science and bio technology together with the other specialists have conducted a study that shows how dogs create and develop an emotional connection with human being through staring into your eyes.

This sort of silent contact is increasing the level of the social hormone called oxytocin between humans and dogs.

Scientists have also discovered that the dogs can acquire a human like mood of communication during the domestication process where dogs have already started to tighten their bond for the future owners.

Why dogs are sometimes bringing you their favorite toys?

Dogs are naturally possessive about their toys, and no one can easily take it away from them once they like it so much.

But when you see your dogs proudly keeping it from being taken by other dogs and yet, he is just easily giving it to you, you can be sure that your pet’s love is so strong and unconditional.

Other training experts have interpreted it as a declaration of endless trust, and the expression of the dog’s love towards the owners.

Same as humans, dogs have needs and wants, and they are willing to give their full loyalty and affection to whoever that can fulfill it.

Our dogs do love us because we love them by providing for them their needs not only for food and drinks but also for the love and care which they love the most.

Not all relationships and bonds between pets and owners are the same for some are much richer, deeper and stronger than others.

Some dog owners are creating a close connection through spending more quality time with their dogs.

The mutual trust between pet and owner is the basis of any quality relationship, between dogs and humans.

I am sure that there are dog owners whose dogs can do a lot more than what are mentioned in this article.

Congratulations! You have trained it so you deserved it, your dog can be considered special and one of a kind.

So please let me know in the comments below if how does your dog show their love? or how your dog say ‘I love you?’ then share this to your friends.

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