How To Protect Yourself From Viruses

It seemed to have no more chance for the virus to run out for it continued to multiply and killed more people until there is something that can be discovered which will be able to completely stop it from existing.

There is still a big part of the world’s population nowadays that is experiencing lockdown due to COVID-19 virus.

As of the moment we don’t have the sure idea of how to put an end to this horrifying virus, so this virus will stay with us just like other viruses where our bodies have already become immune due to the protection that we have in our  bodies because of the vaccines that we had since we were kids.

In the world today, because of the pandemic, people have come out with the question in their minds which is, How To Avoid Covid 19 Virus?

However, even though eradicating them is quite impossible for now, we have already the available effective vaccines for our protection.

Since kids, we all were already used for vaccination because of polio, measles, smallpox, etc.

So it’s not anymore new to us, and we are used to it, because it’s a compulsory requirement for all children.

Vaccines are just vaccines and we don’t need to be scared about it, as long as we are healthy, there is no need for us to be worried, for our body had been tested already to receive it without any adverse reaction.

As we all know, this virus is very infectious, and it’s been known by the whole people in the world.

What we don’t know if what exactly is the 100 percent cure or the vaccine that can protect us with a 100 percent guarantee which is so far not possible.

We are still in the era of experimentation, but the good news is that,

most of those that are vaccinated with COVID-19 have the fewer cases of dying with the virus.

Our bodies are developing antibodies, but still we are not 100 percent sure how protective they are to us.

It can only be tested once we can be infected with Covid-19 and will recover naturally after few days or weeks in quarantine.

So our immune system is proving that through our antibodies we are temporarily protected, but the question is, how long will that protection last?

If we are only staying at home, we don’t need to worry so much, but the problem is that, it is not possible for we really need to go out to work for our subsistence.

We are now surrounded with the virus, and we don’t know how to avoid them because they are invisible.

Our only protection from it is to keep on wearing mask, because we don’t know that the surrounding people are carrying it.

The world where we are now is not anymore the same as the one we had before.

Smallpox, measles, chickenpox, polio, and many others are still with us up to now, but we just didn’t notice them because we are already vaccinated in order for our body to become immune to them.

So in the case of corona virus, there is no other way for protecting us from getting infected other than vaccination.

All we have to do is to trust them who discovered the vaccines, because the mere purpose for it is to protect us from dying.

Yes, our antibodies will help to protect us, but it’s protection is not guaranteeing for us to survive, once we can be infected.

We have to be wise enough in preserving our health and life, let’s learn to accept the fact that it’s not an ordinary virus, as a matter of fact it killed millions of people in the whole world.

Drinking hot water may help a bit but most of them will just make you pee more often.

However, maintaining physical distancing, washing hands, wearing face shield and mask are still the best ways for our protection.

Not unless you are in close contact with those that are infected with covid -19, you don’t need to waste your sanitizing agents to sanitize your house frequently touch areas, but it’s a good idea to change your clothes and take shower if you had been mingling with the crowd as a precautionary measure for the sake of the rest of your family who deserves to be protected from it and be healthy.

We don’t need to be panicky, whatever you are handling: can be money, ATM’s, cellphones, or anything that are touched by other people, you just have to wash your hands or sanitized it before touching any parts of your body or to the members of your family.

Coronavirus is not like other known bacteria and it’s not even a food-borne infection, but it’s a droplet-related infection with the same effect as flu.

Coronavirus infection can’t be caught from any food packaging, from drive through food, or anything that you purchase from any restaurants because there is no record of risk about corona virus being transmitted by food.

Coronavirus can’t survive for long in the air, because they need host because that respiratory droplet infection would require close contact.

Using ordinary soap is sufficient enough to use for corona virus protection and you don’t need any antibacterial soap for virus is different than bacteria.

You don’t need to worry about the food you buy outside but it’s a good practice to heat it all up for precautionary purposes and for better taste of the food.

It’s not proven to be true that taking ginger and sugarcane juice as well as vinegar can protect you from being infected, for they are only pertaining immunity and not exactly for cure.

Inside the house you don’t need to wear mask for they are only interfering your breathing and the level of oxygen that you can inhale. Therefore, wear your mask only when you are in a crowd or in a place where there are known people infected with the virus.

If I were to choose I would prefer using face shield only than mask, because aside from being less in suffocation it can also protect your eyes from infection.

It is much better to not to wear gloves as long as you keep on washing hands as often as possible.

Wearing gloves will make you sometimes rely on it and will forget to wash hands without changing it.

It’s easier for the virus to accumulate into the gloves and the transmission is easier once you touch your face.

There is now any better substitute than washing hands regularly with soap and water.

COVID-19 vaccines are safe

Take advantage of the free COVID-19 vaccines that are being offered by our government nowadays.

The sole intention for that is for our protection from the virus and not for harming our health and life.

They want us to live not to die as others thought it to be, we have to trust them for its effectiveness and purpose of why we need to be vaccinated.

COVID-19 vaccines development is quite a little faster than the other vaccines ever discovered, but all sorts of steps were done just to make sure for its effectiveness and safety.

The vaccines that are now available for us are not experimental. It passed with all the clinical trials and levels being required, and it’s developed by not a beginners’ study, but by science who had been experiencing about its study for decades.

Before using it for humans, experts had first did a lot of extensive testing and follow up, and it’s proven to be safe and effective as most people around the globe have actually experienced by themselves.

Even up to this time COVID-19 vaccines continued to receive and undergo the strict safety monitoring for its efficacy.

COVID-19 vaccines are really effective, it proved to have saved a lot of lives in the world.

We should not listen to the negative effects news, and even sometimes fake news that are only scaring people to get vaccinated.

We should take into consideration the reports of the majorities who benefited the best result by recovering from infections.

There are already about 6.6 billion shots given to the world as of today October 16, 2021.

Some people would like to share their fears of being vaccinated by sharing all the negative reports they have collected like telling that there are a lot of people who died after vaccination.

COVID-19 vaccine deaths are never higher than the COVID-19 deaths.

We have so far about 7.9 billion people in the world and already about 7.96 billion shots given to people.

There is something about the COVID-19 vaccine that some people have misunderstood. They thought that once you are already vaccinated you will not be tested positive in swab test or PCR test.

Thereby, it caused them to lose their trust and interest of being vaccinated because of not being understood about function of the vaccine in the body.

COVID-19 vaccine will give us a protection from not being easily infected and died for it.


Therefore, even though you are vaccinated you can still be positive, because viruses are just around us and the function of vaccine is only to protect us, so once you will encounter corona virus after vaccination our body can already resist the virus but it can’t stop the virus from hitting you specially when you acquire it from touching and because of not washing hands then the virus is in your hand and when you touch your eyes, mouth, nose, etc. then of course you have the virus with you even though you have the vaccines.

So your body is being protected but what is in your hand or in any part outside of your body can’t be controlled by the vaccine for the vaccine is inside your body.

Therefore, as long as there are still people in the world who are not yet vaccinated we still need to wear mask or face shield for we the vaccinated can still be a carrier for the corona virus.

Washing hands, washing hands should be a good practice in order for the virus to not to spread if in case you have it with you in your hands.

Once again, vaccines continue as the most effective shield from being hospitalized and for death, even if there is the so known variant of it, still the fully vaccinated people are being protected and the risk for dying has been reduced.

So get vaccinated, then still continue to wear masks specially indoors with much crowd or public spaces to reduce the possible spread of the variant.

I hope that this article has given you some valuable insight about the present pandemic, and with this you will be encouraged to get yourself be vaccinated, so that you yourselves as well will help the people to encourage them that it’s better to be vaccinated than not, because protection and prevention are always better than the cure.

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