The Best Ways To Motivate Employees.

Great results can only be achieved if you are always setting it in your mind all the best ways on how to create some motivational strategy to inspire and encourage your team.

Employees are just needing to be driven to the right direction in order for them to be encouraged in supporting the organization so that the goals can be achieved together as a team effort.


1. Let the team know about your plans and be specific about your goals.

As long as your team know about their role in the organization, it will be easier to inspire and motivate them.

So one of the strategies to motivate a team is to show them your appreciation upon seeing any little improvement and development.

Show to them how important they are in the team that every single employee is playing a big role in achieving the team goals for we can successful fast if we all work together as a team and not individually.

Therefore, the whole team will be encouraged in working together to obtain much greater results.

Once the employee will see some supports from the organization, they tend to maximize their output productivity because they feel that they are valued and motivated to perform for their very best.

2. Provide your staff constant information and updates.

You can set a clearer goal to your team through effective communication, for in that way you are giving an assurance that there is a steady supply of information among your staff or employees.

Providing your staff with a constant communication, is like giving them an idea that all their feedback and opinions are very much welcome.

Thereby, it’s creating a huge impact to the business for they will start to offer their full support to the organization for knowing that we value their contributions and efforts to the business.

It’s rightful to now and then check the team’s situation and offer them the opportunity to share with you their available stock knowledge and evaluate how useful is it in order to decide if it can be useful or not.

By doing so, they will feel their involvement in the business and the operations, and this will motivate them in craving for greater achievements and results.

3. Work as a team not individually.

Companies that are practicing teamwork are encouraging the staff to boost their productivity because once they feel their involvement with the tasks, you can expect them their maximum productivity output.

It is as well vital for any business that the staff or employees are holding a regular team-building activities for in this particular opportunity we are creating a bond and engagement for them to better know each other and for them to keep a long well with one another.

This should be one of the things that we will put into consideration when it comes to hiring employees.

No matter how experienced is the person in a particular role, if he couldn’t get along well with the rest of the employees then it’s impossible for him to fit in a particular task that requires teamwork.

4. Make employees happy and comfortable.

Making them happy will make a big impact on their output productivity, sense of focus, flexibility, and enthusiasm.

For a happy employee will produce a happy guest or customers. So it’s just a matter of engagement and motivation.

Staff who are enjoying while working will not feel tired of it, as a matter of fact they would like to stay longer in the work place for they feel enthusiastic and energetic, and don’t mind spending more time together.

Employees satisfaction is very vital in motivating them for they require some activities, team buildings, constant recognition and appreciation of any job well done, and incentives if applicable for the highest performer.

Staff will not get bored with working if they have such kind of working environment, there will be no stress, and discomfort for they are happy with what they are doing.

Hence, if you have this kind of management then the company can produce a happy employee thus will create a happy guest or customers as well.

5. Reward the highest performer of the team and recognize in a timely manner any positive performance.

Recognizing positive feedback will inspire the team to work much better for they themselves have seen that they are improving and progressing.

Make sure that you show your appreciation to any employees that is achieving great results, putting extra efforts, doing outstanding performance, or any positive feedback and performance.

Saying ‘great job,” will not be enough. However, you need to elaborate it for a broader aspect, the appreciation of the job well done is a great motivation for them to perform for the best.

So rewarding them with gifts or of any monetary conversion will be much better for it will motivate them and will encourage them to succeed to their future advancement.

6. Provide training and development

Employees feel valued when they are encouraged in learning more skills for their future advancement, especially if you explain it as about their preparation for the next position or in other words opportunities for growth and development.

Train and develop your employee to enhance their knowledge and skills while providing information and at the same time instructing them on how to perform their best into a specific tasks.

7. Give your employees the space they need and at the same time explain them their specific role.

Giving them space is like giving them your full trust that they can finish the job by their way but still you need to emphasize them the importance of following the policy and procedures set by the management.

This way will motivate them to be more efficient in completing the tasks given to them.

Motivation is very essential in every part of their working environment, so they should feel more motivated and inspired, and you will have the assurance of obtaining the required target in order for the team to reach to its operational excellence.

However, it will all depend on to the competency of the manager, so hopefully he himself is not struggling with the motivation of the team, or team management, or personalize coaching.

So to succeed with it, the manager should be modeling good leadership to the team, and to do it, is to be magnificently trained all about his job description and his or her particular role, in order for him or her to be successful in implementing the tasks.

8. High Drive and motivate employees to keep their spirit higher.

Motivating employee is very important to the success of any establishment, however, it consists with a little difficulty in cultivating and maintaining.

So it’s very important that you are aware about the weakness and strengths of your employees, their professional goals, where they are good at, in order for you to identify which part of them need to be boosted.

But the big factor that is influencing employee motivation are the feedback and recognition.

They will feel valued whenever they received high quality feedback.

You need to motivate your team by energizing them to achieve good things., for your employee might have all the necessary knowledge and expertise to perform but if they’re not motivated to do, the outcome will not be as good as expected.

Unlike those who are motivated that although they’re not that great but because of the motivational power they perform for the best with great results, because motivated people have positive outlook, they have a sense of excitement with whatever they’re doing.

I know these all are just so easy to say but the problem is, how to actually do and implement it in the organization especially if the manager himself doesn’t know how to implement towards the people he managed.

Manager should know the tools and strategies to motivate and inspired the team and most of on how to make them stay enthusiastic about their work.

As part of a good leader is to keep the team members become enthusiastic and motivated about the task assigned to them.

Manager should figure out about his expectation towards the people he or she managed.

Employees would likely to participate and cooperate with you if you use a style of encouraging them to interact and share their ideas for the sake of the operational benefits.

Manager’s focus should always be on the satisfaction and enjoyment of the people, once they feel of being motivated they tend to learn to love their works.

It’s normal that there are really some people who are difficult to please for every person is different, therefore, as a good manager you should have different types of ways in motivating and encouraging your employees to work for their best, but the good thing is that all of them are manageable, and it’s one of the reasons why we need to train and develop them and then they should be aware about their individual role.

Everything about the job and duties are l especially those things which are teachable.

So being a manager, you have a very big responsibility about the performance of the people you managed for it will all reflect on you, for your performance is totally different from those ordinary worker.

Employees’ concern is only about his or per personal performance unlike the manager who is responsible for his own performance as well the performance of the people he or she managed. In other words, their failure is yours too.

So train and develop them as much as you can, provide them all the tools they needed to do a good job, and automatically they will bring you your success.

A really good manager will not create more subordinates but he or she will make more managers from the people he or she managed.

Share the people what you did to become a manager, and they will surely become manager too.

The greatest team of people to surely achieve success are those who have the ambition to grow up.

Always remember that leaders are not born but they develop, for leadership is principally a behavioral skills and can be learnt.

I hope this article of mine is giving you an additional knowledge in regard to motivating people to perform their best voluntarily.

Francisco Laurito,

Founder of website or bookworm

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