Health Is Wealth.

What do we mean by health?

There is no greater happiness than being healthy and strong, that’s why we can say that, health is wealth.

Health according to the bible can be obviously seen from the eyes, because the eyes are the lamp of the body, when your eyes are looking healthy, your whole body will also be full of light.

Luke 11:34 Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eyes are healthy, your whole body also is full of light. But when they are unhealthy, your body also is full of darkness.

But health according to science is a state of social well-being, mental, and physical, where there is no presence of infirmities and diseases.

The meaning of health is evolving as the times go by. The biggest threats to a vigorous life were the viral ailments, the bacteria, the incurable diseases, and most specially the most horrible virus nowadays which is the world’s known coronavirus or COVID-19.

The biblical insight about being healthy is really pointing out the importance of good health, that’s why it is mentioned in:

3 John 1:2 Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.

However, the bible is not only talking about one thing but two different things which are dealing with physical and spiritual. And that the reason why Apostle John is citing some words at the very end of the verse which says, “your soul is getting along well.”

Physically healthy

Our physical health is referring to the state of our body, so when you see people who are physically healthy, it normally signifies that they themselves are taking care of their health through proper nutrition, adequate hours of sleep, and exercise of the body.

Therefore, they are healthy and strong, without any diseases and illnesses, because this is the result of their being health conscious, in other words they’ve got what they wished for.

So being physically healthy is to be able to carry out the everyday routine, with the full vigor and alertness, without being exhausted because of the sufficient energy to enjoy the free time in order to be ready if in case there will be an unpredictable emergencies to encounter.

Holistic Health –is commonly described as the things related to ideas that being whole is more than the total of its parts, which means, that the fullness of something should be taken into consideration instead of taking things as just part of it.

In the holistic health, the majority of them are putting their hands as an individual, through the informed and mindful choices, self and home study, education and a way of life that is in conjunction with nature.

In holistic health, the modalities and the practitioners are built to assist the individual as a whole being in the healthiest way of living.

To be healthy emotionally

Speaking about emotional health, it is of positive psychological activity in the minds. This is considered as an extension of health about mentality, it is a high functioning tip of the feelings, thoughts, and behavior that is making up in both the outer and the inner worlds. It also covers the overall experience of goodness in what we feel, think, and do through both lows and highs of life.

The success in health, relationship, and in the work are a result that is brought by an emotional health.

Some people believed that it is the success that made a lot of people happy, while others have told that it’s the other way around.

Most of the happy people are more determined to aim towards their goals, they are courageous enough in attracting others with their enthusiasm and of being optimistic.

Being healthy emotionally doesn’t mean that you have no problems at all, and you’re always happy, however, you’re only difference among others is your awareness of your own emotions, whether it’s positive or negative.

When you’re emotionally healthy, it means you are able to handle any difficult situations, and you know how to manage your emotions, in dealing with everyday situations and stresses.

Social activeness and healthiness

The very popular definition of social health is of being a person who can get along well with other people irrespective of nationalities.

It is the person’s level of support from others and from institution around them. The nicer is the way of dealing with the society is the better specially when it comes to offering every citizen the equal opportunity to get the access to the services and goods which are critical to be able to work as a contributing member of the community.

In other ways, social health is referring to your ability to make a thing which is full of meanings in a relationships, and it requires your attentions with other people.

Spiritual Healthiness and peacefulness

Not too many people are aware of the health of our spirit or inner being or our life and energy.

We’re going about our everyday tasks without ever giving another chance of thoughts on this very vital sides of our lives.

Most people’s spiritual health is invisible and intangible, whose inner being and the notion of spirit is just as pure as the idea or the abstract concept, which is the thing that no one can monitor and measure as easy as calorie count and blood pressure.

And yet our spiritual health is so important and real, like so many other measurements for our well-being.

It is normally the lack of the advance devices and the modern techniques which is used to track physical illness, we are dependent upon the most common way of self-examination just so that we can be able to gauge our proper health levels specially in our spiritual health.

Spiritual health can involve your religious beliefs, and sometimes it is not just like that. In order for you to be spiritually healthy, you must also put into consideration your sense of purpose, why you exist? What is your duty being a human being created by God?

Speaking of God, the bible is providing to us the meaning of our existence and about our duty why we exist, one of those reasons is what we can read in:

Ecclesiastes 12:13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

Mental alertness and healthiness

It is the psychological level of well-being, or the mental illnesses’ absence. Anyone who is in the state of functioning in a behavioral adjustment and emotional level of satisfaction.

Base on the perspective, mental health may include as an individual’s positive psychology, and it is the capability to appreciate life and to make an equilibrium between the activities and efforts of life to achieve psychological resilience.

The emotional and the intellectual potential of someone among others, which is the one who further states that the individual’s well-being is encompassing to the realization of their abilities, which copes in the usual stresses of life, the output of work, and the things they have contributed to their community.

The difference among cultures, the assessments, and the competition among professional theories, it all affects in how someone make a definition about “mental health.”

When we talk about mental health, this means that it’s not just a simple needs of a mental disorder, but it is the inclusion of the ability to meditate, concentrate, reasoning, and thinking.

So once again the mental health is commonly defined as a state of well-being where someone realizes his or her own abilities, he can manage with the common stresses of life, he can productively and fruitfully work, and most of all, he is able to make a contribution to his or her community.


Our health is our best wealth, so we need to have a closer attention to it, and we need to understand how come there is sickness, and what is the cause of it? And why we can be healthy.

Yes! we all have our appointed time set by God as it is written in:

Hebrews 9:27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

Even though we have our appointed time set by God to die, still there is an exemption to it, base on our performance on earth, if God will see that you are still useful to him, in the sense that you are doing something which is pleasing to his eyes, there is a possibility that according to his will you will have your life be lengthen a bit just like what is written in:

Proverbs 10:27 The fear of the Lord adds length to life, but the years of the wicked are cut short.

So to fear the Lord which is to follow his commands will add length to your life, meaning if God will see you doing his will, he will not let you rest yet until you are tired of doing it, but if he sees that you are willingly doing it for the sake of your faith in him then you will deserve to be used.

We as human being have feelings and same as God, if we have a plant in our yard and if it’s flowering so much, we are so pleased to look at it. Therefore, we take care of it by watering it and even putting some fertilizer in order for it to continue producing flowers as it is so pleasing to our eyes and even to other people around us.

But once that particular plant will stop to flower, our care for it will get lesser, until we decide to cut it because it’s not producing flowers anymore which made us pleased, and now this plant became useless.

That is Based on human feelings, so it is the same with what God wants us to do, we must do something that could please our creator, and in exchange, we will have a guarantee of protection according to his will, and he will add length to our lives as long as we will keep on letting him use us as his amuser by doing what pleases to him.

A God fearing man is full of common sense, he has knowledge and wisdom given by God, and he will not rely that he is being protected but he himself is also taking care of his own health.

There are best and worst foods, which do you choose? Of course, a God fearing man will have to evaluate all the foods and drinks that he is putting in his mouth if whether this can do good or bad to his health.

So the food you eat will matter a lot to the length of your life, and make sure you know what you are putting in your mouth.

Even though we have an appointed time set by God, you also need you make a goal of what age would you like to die, and in this way, you can start to evaluate all the food you put in your mouth if this can help you achieve your goal age of dying, and most probably you will be cutting some bad vices because they are life reducer and not adder.

I am considering the richness and fame as a true success in life, because once I am sick with incurable diseases they can’t help me, but what I consider success in life is to know the real meaning of life, to believe the existence of God, to believe that there is heaven and hell, and to believe that I will be judged according to what I have done on earth while alive.

Luke 12:15 And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man’s life consisted not in the abundance of the things which he possessed.

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I hope that you learn something from this article I have shared to you. If you have any questions and comments you can write them below and I will be more than happy to hear it.


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