The Best Ways To Motivate Employees.

Great results can only be achieved if you are always setting it in your mind all the best ways on how to create some motivational strategy to inspire and encourage your team.

Employees are just needing to be driven to the right direction in order for them to be encouraged in supporting the organization so that the goals can be achieved together as a team effort.


1. Let the team know about your plans and be specific about your goals.

As long as your team know about their role in the organization, it will be easier to inspire and motivate them.

So one of the strategies to motivate a team is to show them your appreciation upon seeing any little improvement and development.

Show to them how important they are in the team that every single employee is playing a big role in achieving the team goals for we can successful fast if we all work together as a team and not individually.

Therefore, the whole team will be encouraged in working together to obtain much greater results.

Once the employee will see some supports from the organization, they tend to maximize their output productivity because they feel that they are valued and motivated to perform for their very best.

2. Provide your staff constant information and updates.

You can set a clearer goal to your team through effective communication, for in that way you are giving an assurance that there is a steady supply of information among your staff or employees.

Providing your staff with a constant communication, is like giving them an idea that all their feedback and opinions are very much welcome.

Thereby, it’s creating a huge impact to the business for they will start to offer their full support to the organization for knowing that we value their contributions and efforts to the business.

It’s rightful to now and then check the team’s situation and offer them the opportunity to share with you their available stock knowledge and evaluate how useful is it in order to decide if it can be useful or not.

By doing so, they will feel their involvement in the business and the operations, and this will motivate them in craving for greater achievements and results.

3. Work as a team not individually.

Companies that are practicing teamwork are encouraging the staff to boost their productivity because once they feel their involvement with the tasks, you can expect them their maximum productivity output.

It is as well vital for any business that the staff or employees are holding a regular team-building activities for in this particular opportunity we are creating a bond and engagement for them to better know each other and for them to keep a long well with one another.

This should be one of the things that we will put into consideration when it comes to hiring employees.

No matter how experienced is the person in a particular role, if he couldn’t get along well with the rest of the employees then it’s impossible for him to fit in a particular task that requires teamwork.

4. Make employees happy and comfortable.

Making them happy will make a big impact on their output productivity, sense of focus, flexibility, and enthusiasm.

For a happy employee will produce a happy guest or customers. So it’s just a matter of engagement and motivation.

Staff who are enjoying while working will not feel tired of it, as a matter of fact they would like to stay longer in the work place for they feel enthusiastic and energetic, and don’t mind spending more time together.

Employees satisfaction is very vital in motivating them for they require some activities, team buildings, constant recognition and appreciation of any job well done, and incentives if applicable for the highest performer.

Staff will not get bored with working if they have such kind of working environment, there will be no stress, and discomfort for they are happy with what they are doing.

Hence, if you have this kind of management then the company can produce a happy employee thus will create a happy guest or customers as well.

5. Reward the highest performer of the team and recognize in a timely manner any positive performance.

Recognizing positive feedback will inspire the team to work much better for they themselves have seen that they are improving and progressing.

Make sure that you show your appreciation to any employees that is achieving great results, putting extra efforts, doing outstanding performance, or any positive feedback and performance.

Saying ‘great job,” will not be enough. However, you need to elaborate it for a broader aspect, the appreciation of the job well done is a great motivation for them to perform for the best.

So rewarding them with gifts or of any monetary conversion will be much better for it will motivate them and will encourage them to succeed to their future advancement.

6. Provide training and development

Employees feel valued when they are encouraged in learning more skills for their future advancement, especially if you explain it as about their preparation for the next position or in other words opportunities for growth and development.

Train and develop your employee to enhance their knowledge and skills while providing information and at the same time instructing them on how to perform their best into a specific tasks.

7. Give your employees the space they need and at the same time explain them their specific role.

Giving them space is like giving them your full trust that they can finish the job by their way but still you need to emphasize them the importance of following the policy and procedures set by the management.

This way will motivate them to be more efficient in completing the tasks given to them.

Motivation is very essential in every part of their working environment, so they should feel more motivated and inspired, and you will have the assurance of obtaining the required target in order for the team to reach to its operational excellence.

However, it will all depend on to the competency of the manager, so hopefully he himself is not struggling with the motivation of the team, or team management, or personalize coaching.

So to succeed with it, the manager should be modeling good leadership to the team, and to do it, is to be magnificently trained all about his job description and his or her particular role, in order for him or her to be successful in implementing the tasks.

8. High Drive and motivate employees to keep their spirit higher.

Motivating employee is very important to the success of any establishment, however, it consists with a little difficulty in cultivating and maintaining.

So it’s very important that you are aware about the weakness and strengths of your employees, their professional goals, where they are good at, in order for you to identify which part of them need to be boosted.

But the big factor that is influencing employee motivation are the feedback and recognition.

They will feel valued whenever they received high quality feedback.

You need to motivate your team by energizing them to achieve good things., for your employee might have all the necessary knowledge and expertise to perform but if they’re not motivated to do, the outcome will not be as good as expected.

Unlike those who are motivated that although they’re not that great but because of the motivational power they perform for the best with great results, because motivated people have positive outlook, they have a sense of excitement with whatever they’re doing.

I know these all are just so easy to say but the problem is, how to actually do and implement it in the organization especially if the manager himself doesn’t know how to implement towards the people he managed.

Manager should know the tools and strategies to motivate and inspired the team and most of on how to make them stay enthusiastic about their work.

As part of a good leader is to keep the team members become enthusiastic and motivated about the task assigned to them.

Manager should figure out about his expectation towards the people he or she managed.

Employees would likely to participate and cooperate with you if you use a style of encouraging them to interact and share their ideas for the sake of the operational benefits.

Manager’s focus should always be on the satisfaction and enjoyment of the people, once they feel of being motivated they tend to learn to love their works.

It’s normal that there are really some people who are difficult to please for every person is different, therefore, as a good manager you should have different types of ways in motivating and encouraging your employees to work for their best, but the good thing is that all of them are manageable, and it’s one of the reasons why we need to train and develop them and then they should be aware about their individual role.

Everything about the job and duties are l especially those things which are teachable.

So being a manager, you have a very big responsibility about the performance of the people you managed for it will all reflect on you, for your performance is totally different from those ordinary worker.

Employees’ concern is only about his or per personal performance unlike the manager who is responsible for his own performance as well the performance of the people he or she managed. In other words, their failure is yours too.

So train and develop them as much as you can, provide them all the tools they needed to do a good job, and automatically they will bring you your success.

A really good manager will not create more subordinates but he or she will make more managers from the people he or she managed.

Share the people what you did to become a manager, and they will surely become manager too.

The greatest team of people to surely achieve success are those who have the ambition to grow up.

Always remember that leaders are not born but they develop, for leadership is principally a behavioral skills and can be learnt.

I hope this article of mine is giving you an additional knowledge in regard to motivating people to perform their best voluntarily.

Francisco Laurito,

Founder of website or bookworm

Be Smarter Than A Scammer.

What is a scam? and how do you know if they are a scammer?

A person who is using deceptive tricks and ideas with the mere purpose which is to swindle or trick the victim. Usually, they did it through encouraging the person to a huge number of properties or money that the victim can obtain once he follows the step-by-step procedure which will include bank accounts, personal information, and of course a certain amount of money in exchange of the huge one once the procedure has been completely done.

Scammer will always disguise to be somebody else and will act favorably in order to win your trust.

Scammers popular tool for scamming is the internet and they will encourage the victim into using it through opening emails and websites.

A scam is something that is used by someone who is trying to trick somebody through his deceptive scheme in order to cheat or to swindle out of something specially money matters.

How do we know that it’s a scam?

Most scammers way of scamming you is by pretending to be from a business that you know.

They will create a name that will sound familiar to you.

They will contact you informing that they are representative of the government or from any establishments and you are required to make an immediate action.

Scammers have an advance technology that can make them appear trustworthy, they can even make a trick on your phone to make you see that they are real and trustworthy caller.

They will use a lot of strategies through deceptive information, like telling you that there is a problem with your bank accounts and you need to verify it or else it might be closed.

Scammers will inform you that there is a problem you need to solve or you have won a prize that you need to claim.

They will send you information that you have a final warning regarding unpaid debts from the government, or your accounts are being hacked and you need to contact them for account protection.

Some of them will call you to inform that your name or your email address have been chosen to migrate into certain popular countries and all you have to do is just to register right away for the offer is limited and will expire very soon.

Scammers will excite you so that you will make an urgent action.

They want you to act without thinking through pressuring you with time.

Scammers will tell you that this is your only opportunity to decide and after this there will be no more chance for you for there are more people who are interested and you just happened to be the lucky one to have been chosen for this offer.

Some scammers strategies is to threaten you that you have done something wrong and you need to settle it as soon as possible or else you will be facing a big problem with your business or your job.

They will pretend to be the lawyer or any representative that will help you to fix the problem while it’s not yet getting bigger.

They will tell you that your case is already being filed and if you don’t make an action there is a possibility that you will be arrested, deported, terminated or of many ways to threaten you to take action as soon as possible.

Scammers will ask you to pay an amount in a certain way.

With whatever exciting offers, they will insist in telling you to pay this amount using various ways of payments like western union, gift card, cryptocurrency, by wiring money, or by any popular payment online.

Scammers will show you bank accounts that has a lot of money deposited in it, they will sometimes send you bank check which will later be found to be fake but they will tell you to deposit it as soon as possible and send it back to them.

How to avoid being victimized by scammers?

Whenever you received an unknown calls or text messages, never entertain them and block them right away.

Never share any personal information if anyone will ask you to provide it for guaranteeing that they will settle your problems in regard to your back accounts or any financial matters which they told you that having a problem.

Always remember that no matter what happens, your bank or any reliable organizations will never email, call, or text you to provide your personal information specially bank accounts or credit cards.

How to be smarter than a scammer?

If you received an email or message from your bank, company, or from any familiar business that you know, it’s still safe to not to open any links that they provide, it is much safer to log in to their authentic website, or call them directly using their own phone number.

Never let yourself be carried away by the pressure that the scammer is giving you in order for you to decide immediately without thinking.

Real businesses will not rush you but they will give you sufficient time to decide. Thereby, anyone who is doing the opposite which is to pressure you to pay right away, or to give right away your personal information are a big sign that they’re a scammer.

Never pay anything to anyone who is asking you to pay right away, the real transaction will take time, and honest businesses are willing to wait because they know the value of the decision-making.

Ask some second opinion from your trusted friends, and share what you are dealing with for they might have encountered the same situation as yours and then you will come out to realize that you are barely scammed.

Always protect yourself and be alert about it for scam has really existed.

Never entertain any text or call from unknown people no matter how urgent or how important it is.

Ignore any messages or texts that you think suspicious, and don’t click on all attachments in emails that they are instructing you to do.

Scammers are very clever and we all are vulnerable to them for they use a lot of tricks that tempt us to be victimized if we are not careful enough.

That’s why scammers have succeeded because if we don’t investigate it they will look exactly the same as the real one that we know.

And that’s how smart they are nowadays, and they are taking all advantages by using their innovative technology, brand new products or services, creating some credible stories that will entice you to pay your money or to give your personal details in exchange of it.

Remember that when it looks like too good to be true, it is a possible scam.

So never send money, and never share your bank account details.

Be alert about unusual payments requests for that is the most common method that scammers are using.

Beware of the offers that seems unusually good to be true, and only use the online shopping services that you always used and trusted.

I hope you have learnt something from this article and by this you will become smarter than the scammer.

If you have any comments or questions, please write them below in the comments box and I will be more than happy to hear it.

Thank you very much for the time you spent reading this content, that is much highly appreciated.


Founder of or bookworm website

Email Marketing Software

What is Email marketing software?

This is the kind of application that is helping the email marketing team to speed up, streamline and automate their efforts for marketing email list in the proper and right way.

Marketing email list is just a particular aspect or feature of something about marketing automation and its software is the one that helps the team in allowing to manage the email segment to process its marketing automation.

Email marketing software involves some features like data analytic, templates, auto-responder, and it has the capability to manage email campaigns, landing page, and etc..

As a matter of fact  other platforms nowadays are using some other ways as such of an easy lead generation tools.

If the email marketing is made more personalized, it can have a better advantage, because to personalize is to allow email marketer to aim a more specific target of content to promote services and products where the customers or consumers have been searching for a long time.

The email marketing application is also working on to block some spam flags through utilizing an excellent internet protocol address and bases of authentication.

Some customers have thought that if they receive many emails no matter what it is even if it’s about some promotional ones they are concluding it as spam, and this is what we are trying to not to be experienced by them.

Thereby, the email marketing software’s work is to make sure that what is being emailed should be legitimate and trustworthy or else it can get flagged.

Just recently, AI or artificial intelligence became the most important factor in email marketing.

Artificial Intelligence is able to gather huge amount of data, like those of behavioral aspects, history of the purchase, demographics, then artificial intelligence will send customized contents to the consumers using those insights. So this can do a big help in directing a more specific promotions to the designated customers and rightly sends email about times and rates in order for the customers to not to be overloaded with emails but just in moderation for the sake of their convenience.

So email marketing software can really help you in building a close relationship with your customers and to give you a tested way to gather leads and convert them into a loyal and lasting customers.

Nowadays, email list is considered as one of the most important factors in the success of any businesses in regard to marketing strategy.

With your email list, you can share your own point of view to the promoted businesses, introduce your products and converting your subscribers into a paying customers.

One of the common tools that online businesses are using is the opt-in forms to their own website to encourage sign- ups with their emails.

Some expert marketers are using an advance tools like lead magnets to generate leads.

While other experienced marketers are using the combination of pop-up forms, which is mostly aided with the advertisement in order to start growing the email list more quicker and more effective.

Creating a branded opt-in pop-up form to the website will help a lot, for pop-up forms will provide visitors a quick and easy way to share information and subscribe to your list every time there is visitor in your site.

Building an opt-in pop-up form is not difficult, and you will be provided with a personalized help by the platform where you are subscribed.

To give you a little idea about what is opt-in pop-up form in the actual look, here is how it is.

In this particular form, you will need to choose first of all an attractive and captivating headline.

Part of its headline should describe an important benefits for the customers so that they will be convinced to subscribe to your email list without hesitation.

There should be a Tag line as well or a related description which includes a short and concise that will describe on how this particular line is all about, then that will surely help you to increase the conversion rate of their subscription.

This very simple form should also include your necessary contact information including your own email address.

At the end of this form there should be a CALL TO ACTION to the subscribe button.

Your call to action should be non-generic so that the visitors will click it right away.


So start creating your email list now by joining those popular platforms above or to help you create it in the  easiest way, continue by clicking YES below, then you will be taught step by step on how they made millions with their email lists. CLICK HERE NOW!


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How To Save A Marriage

Married life is not easy, if you were in trouble when you were still single, how much more now that you have another person with you who is also considered part of yourself, because from two people now you became one through matrimony.

Arguments and fights could not be the basis for us to conclude that they don’t belong to each other.

If you have never experienced the married life, you can’t explain how it is because the agreement of marriage was decided by both of them only.

A little jealousy, arguments, fights, and even sulking are just spices that if you will be able to overcome all of those, they will become the strengthener in the relationship.

But no matter what we do, even if we’ve done all our best if our partner will not cooperate then we still come out as failure and thinking that there is no more ways for it.

Actually, troubled marriage can still be saved, but the problem is that most people don’t know the techniques and strategies of how to do it.

I confidently believe it that most couples who have mentioned the words, “TILL DEATH DO US PART,” had said it truly from their hearts and they both wish for a love of a lifetime.

As a matter of fact, the bible itself is supporting it, that it should be only death that can separate them as it is written in the book of:

Romans 7:2 For a married woman is bound by law to her husband while he lives, but if her husband dies she is released from the law of marriage.

Marriage should be honored, so we have no reasons of our own to end it that way.

Thereby, in order for it to be followed, God had made a strict law that whoever divorces his wife will be committing adultery.

Matthew 19:9 And I say to you: whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another, commits adultery.”

But not only to commit adultery but also the one whom she married will be committing the same sin as well.

However, there is a little exemption in that verse that said, except for sexual immorality, so if the wife is doing such act, the husband will not be committing sin even if he divorces her.

But there is another law about married people, that even if they are already separated they should remain unmarried so that there will still be a hope for them to be reconciled to each other.

1 Corinthians 7:10-11 To the married I give this charge (not I, but the Lord): the wife should not separate from her husband

11 (but if she does, she should remain unmarried or else be reconciled to her husband), and the husband should not divorce his wife.

If you consider the verses that you have read, you will come out with an idea that no matter how big is the trouble with the marriage there is still a chance for it to be saved, specially if we learn to honor our marriage like how we are instructed to it in:

Hebrews 13:4 Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.

Whoever you are, no matter how hard and worse is your marriage situation, all I can tell is that, there is a solution of your dying marriage.

All you have to do is to learn the techniques and strategies of how to save your marriage.

Be like those in the world, who had been experiencing marriage that almost ended but now with God’s help are living happily and harmoniously.

I want to ask your kind indulgence, to please continue with the video till the end because this can help you a lot in learning about the right techniques and strategies in saving your marriage.

Please continue with the video……………….???????



Love Unconditionally

The most beautiful lines to hear from love ones is, ‘but I love you,’ and the very heartbreaking words to hear is, ‘I love you but.’

So words that will come out from the mouth of the person will matter a lot, because even though not all but mostly it’s coming from the heart.

Matthew 15:18 But the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart, and these defile them.

Is it possible to love without a reason?

If we base it on a natural reasoning, the answer is no, because it is impossible to love without a reason.

But still there are people that will surely oppose it for some of them have a personal experience that they have loved without a reason.

There is indeed a reason why we love, and the reasons will be different in every person’s feelings and way of loving.

Actually, it is easier to find out why we don’t love than looking for the reasons why we love.

But once we start looking for the reasons why we love, it is not indicating a good sign, because if we really love without the reason, we can’t think of asking why for you are blinded with the unconditional love.

If the love has a clear reason then such love has a clearer deeper reasons behind.

Therefore, when a husband will bring flowers to his wife without a reason, there is surely a reason.

Some people say that love has no reason because it’s blind, but what I can tell is that,

It’s not true that love is blind, it sees but it just doesn’t mind and we concluded it as being blind.

We are human beings and we have emotions and each one of us are having our own way of loving because love is not limited in every person feelings.

There are a lot of people, who had been hurt due to loving without thinking; they said that, if your love has a reason then that might be not a real one.

What happened is that, we are focusing more about respect and trust and we have neglected the presence of love in a relationship.

So some people have reasons to love while others have none.

Questioning whether the love has a reason, will only signify that the person who questioned has the answer.

Anyway as long as the reason is favorable, it doesn’t matter anymore whether love has a reason or not because the most important thing is that, there is real love that binds between them.

Love without reason is real love and of a higher level of feelings that is very much similar with unconditional love which is not an ordinary one that only few people have understood it and have possessed it.

The only one example which is surely the exact equivalent of it, is the love that is mentioned by Apostle Paul in:

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant

5 or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful;

6 it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.

7 Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Human love can’t compare with the one that is mentioned in the bible, thereby, the love between partners can’t be proven until they both die loving each other.

What really is meant by Unconditional love?

To be the recipient of the unconditional love is the best feeling among all.

As a matter of fact, it’s not so common for most people.

It deals with a lot of patience, acceptance without hesitation, and being true with the love, and a love without any boundaries.

We all want to be loved, but we don’t show such feeling as unconditional love; this kind of love can only be realized by those who believed in God because it can only be possibly done when we seek the intervention of God who is the first to demonstrate it by firstly loving us.

1 John 4:18-19 There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. 19 We love because he first loved us.

However, if we really wish to define it through human understanding, we can only say unconditional love to the mothers, for they have such feelings which can even only be understood by mothers.

Once you love, you can’t question yourself and ask for the reason why you love, because what you know is that you are happy in love.

But the most common for all of us, we don’t believe that there is love without a reason because our love to our partner is based with a reason, for there should be a reason for everything.

Unless if we talk about spiritual aspects of the love without reason, then our understanding about it will be a bit more correct.

Without knowing the true meaning of love, it will be difficult for us to find out about why there is love without a reason.

As long as your love can still be freely explained that means it’s only an attraction or like, for the real and the love without reason can’t be explained in words for it contains a lot of requirements like: being patient; to be not arrogant and boastful; not rude or insisting on his ways; not resentful and irritable; will only rejoice in truth; will bear, endure, hope and believes in all things.

Nothing can compare with the love of God to humanity.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have life.

So if you think you lack this characteristic of having a love without a reason or if you wish that your love one will feel this for you, don’t worry and just do your best and God will do the rest.

1 Peter 5:7 cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

I hope you have learned something unique from this 48th articles of mine about love without a reason.

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May God bless you and your whole family as always.

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Precious Beauty

All women are beautiful in different ways because the God who made them is perfect, so being beautiful is what God had intended them to be.

Yet, what really is meant by precious beauty?

The real beauty of a woman should not just be from the outside, but should be on the inside which is the most important ones to God.

However, we are now in the world where the people’s standard degree of importance in evaluating the beauty is by physical appearance.

Wherever you go nowadays, the popular topics of most people specially about movies, magazines, televisions, billboards, they are all talking about beautiful and pretty people.

Thereby, men and women but mostly women, are spending their thousands of dollars of money just for the sole objective which is to make their appearance beautified and more enhanced, through surgery.

So that is the very proof that the society nowadays, are more obsessed on the physical beauty, or the outward appearance of a person.

Is the beauty really be the most important thing for a woman?

On our era, beauty is playing a big role for women, as it is believed by some people that if a woman is beautiful, her future is much brighter than those who are not.

Anyway, the very fact is indisputable, for it is proven by reality.

Some companies when hiring employees are requiring pleasing personalities, even though not all but it’s true.

Therefore, beauty of a woman is giving her an advantage specially if she too is intelligent and knowledgeable.

All women are beautiful but it only takes the right person to see it.

The outer side of a woman’s beauty is just a small part that makes her called beautiful.

The real beauty can be found inside of a woman, and that beauty of hers on the inner side of her being is the one that completes her as a woman who is really beautiful.

This is what most people have neglected to see, for they are putting a bigger emphasis on physical appearance and have ignored the importance of the beauty within her.


What really is meant by outer beauty?

The definition of outer beauty varies differently in every place.

Some of them will only call a woman beautiful when she has a nice skin, perfect body, tall, and of course should be beautiful according to the standard of men.

Thus, women who would like to be included among these human standards of becoming beautiful, they are looking for ways to help them lose weight to have a perfect body, taking vitamins and applying lotions to make their skin nice, and sometimes go to doctors for cosmetic surgery just to make them achieve the standard.


Not all women are fortunate enough to have a physically appealing feature. However, they are still lucky because it’s not just the requirement for beauty.

Yet, most men fall in love with the woman according to what they see, while women fall in love with a man according to what they hear.

That’s why women are striving to be beautiful on the outside for this is what they know men are after of.

Women who are lucky to be physically beautiful should not rely on only of her beautiful face because there are also certain things to be added in order for you to be perfectly pretty.

One of those is being hygienic, it includes being fragrant from head to toe with the special emphasis on fresh smelling of breath.

Long hair is also another contributor for making a woman looked femininely.

Hair is like the roof, if the house has a nice roof it adds the look of a house to be more beautiful, that is the same with a woman.

Any woman with long hair is always looking beautiful.

1 Corinthians 11:15 but that if a woman has long hair, it is her glory? For long hair is given to her as a covering.

And the last and final factor that is complementing the whole beauty of a woman to be called beautiful are the eyes for they are the lamp of the body that captivates most men.

Matthew 6:22 “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light.


What is meant by inner beauty?

There are many answers to this world widely asked question.

So far it is still making a lot of people confused due to some different deep explanation for it pertains some traits of a woman which is above and beyond her outer attractiveness.

The true beauty is in the inner man of a person which is only talking about the invisible part of the body but visible to the eyes of those who appreciated it.

Some have described it as the beauty demonstrated by the person’s character which sometimes have made some people to wonder why is she looking beautiful only for him while for others she’s not. If that’s the case, it means the woman is not very beautiful in the outside and you are captivated by her inner beauty.

One of the characteristics of the woman who has a beautiful inner man is shown by being tender, loving, kind, compassionate, sweet, thoughtful, unselfish, etc.,

Woman who is beautiful internally, can attract more people by her way of talking through the lovely tone of voice which is also part of the inner beauty.

People will admire to the beautiful woman first of all by her physical appearance but the inner qualities are more admired by them.

The very reason why there is an inner beauty is that there is an outer an inner man in a person.

1 Peter 3:4 But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.

Woman will be the most beautiful of all, if aside from being attractive inside and out, she should also be attractive in the eyes of God, and this is the most important among all.

Our physical appearance maybe in the sight of men very beautiful but since our body is corruptible, as a matter of fact our baby face skin will wrinkle when we grow old.

So definitely, the beautiful face outwardly will soon become physically ugly by time, but our inner man or inner beauty will never get old.

However, it is being renewed day by day, according to the book of:

2 Corinthians 4:16 Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.

Thanks so much for spending few minutes of your time reading this article, and I hope you’ve learned a lot pertaining the topic.

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How Do dogs say I love you

The most common description we heard about dogs is that they are the man’s best friend.

They are the kind of animals that is in nature friendly and with a strong spirit of loyalty.

Humans have to be advised about respecting the rights of animals.

According to one of the animal behaviorists John Bradshaw, dogs are neither wolves nor furry humans, and the dog owners are fully responsible to ensure their dogs are psychologically healthy.

I used to be scared with dogs, because whenever I heard them barking I thought they are going to bite me.

But when I learned about their behaviors and feelings I then started to understand the meaning of their every reaction and movements according to how they behaved.

Dogs became the man’s best friend because of its being attentive and affectionate, towards their owners.

Thereby, whether you are the richest in the world or you are the poorest among the poor, it doesn’t at all matter for dogs, because they are not after the material things of this world, for as long as they feel that somebody cares for them they love them back unconditionally.

If you are looking for a perfect companion, there is no other as happy and loyal as dogs do.

So, they deserve to be loved like how they genuinely loved us back.

Their signs of love are very evident and clear, through wagging their tails back and forth, jumping, curling up to its owner, and wiggling to those that they love.

Dogs definitely love humans, but how dogs say I LOVE YOU?

We are fortunate enough however, that dogs are so demonstrative, they clearly communicate with their feelings and that is a clear sign that they are so bonded with you.

A lot of people didn’t know that the structures of dogs brain is the same with humans, dogs do produce emotions too.

Therefore, dogs have learned to express their infinite love, and they have appreciated the care you showed to them as being your pet and a friend.

Dogs enjoyed cuddling to us as much as we have enjoyed it. It is proven by science and other specialist that when dogs cuddle with you, it is their way of relieving stress.

Whenever we talk and feed them, we are boosting their oxytocin level.

Hence, some dogs because of their breed genetic history, are not used in cuddling, but most of the breeds are naturally affectionate with their owners.

There are some signs, gestures and behaviors that dogs are showing love to their owners which we need to understand in order for us to be aware that dogs also deserve to be loved like how we wanted to be.

So here are some of those that you need to keep in mind if you own the so called, man’s best friend.


Why dog yawns?

We have seen many times that dogs are yawning whenever we yawned and we thought that they too are feeling sleepy as well same as us

Yet one thing we don’t know is that, there is a special meaning of it, why they simultaneously yawn with us.

So whenever you yawned and your dog will yawn as well, that simply means your pet is emotionally bonded to you.

You will see how your dog loves you through the yawn they have shown in front of you.

Snoozing with you: There are times that you slept alone but when you woke up you’ve realized that your pet is sleeping with you too; that means they trust you so much like no one else.

There is nothing to worry about it, because it’s approved by science as a matter of fact, they have found some benefits of it which is to improve your sleep efficiency; having your pet close to you will help you to have a more relaxing rest.

Wagging their tail is usually interpreted as their friendliness but it’s not just like that nevertheless, it is also portraying a full range of emotions.

What do they mean when they wag their tails?

Wagging of tail is a sort of dog’s language to speak to us. It’s indicating a sign that your dog is open for an emotional engagement and interaction of what is going on around them.

There are different meanings of this and it all depends on the speed and the height of the wag.



A wag that is stiff and low is on the other hand a warning sign to us that your dog is tensed and restless and surely not in the right mood to be friendly.

Lower tail wagging means that they feel a bit nervous.

And the best wagging of their tail is the one that is held high, which is a sign of enthusiasm and confidence, that he’s happy and safe from everyone around him.

And the high tail with a fast wagging generally means the dog is alert and aroused.

But when the tail is wagging high and stiff with some other dog around, it could be displaying dominance.

It can also mean a territorial aggressive display if it occurs at the behind fences, inside the car, windows, door, etc.

Why dog likes to lean on you?

Dogs lean on you because they want to be close to you. Some small dogs like to be on your lap and cuddled while bigger ones do whatever they like just to get close in order to have a body contact with the owner.

Specialists believed that dogs touched and leaned to their owners for the purpose of emotional and physical support, they feel like there is someone who can protect and comfort them.

Leaning is a completely harmless behavior in dogs as it is usually a sign of comfort and love.

Veterinarian also have said that it’s part of the dogs way to tighten its bond with the owner through touching or body contact.

So once your dogs lean on you, it’s a sign of the highest form of trust.

Specialists believed that dogs leaned and touched their owners for physical and emotional support, seeing them as someone who can protect and comfort them.

The study that was published in science stated that dogs experienced a release of positive brain chemicals when they’re with humans they loved, and some veterinarians have said that they often try to tighten its bond through touch.

Do dogs like to be touched on their heads?

Majority of dog training experts are not allowing to go over dogs heads and try to pet them in that way.

Dogs natural perception whenever they are touched on the head is like they are threatened, specially if it’s just your first time meeting each other.

If you notice that he didn’t trust you yet, it’s better to give the dog a little more time to feel more comfortable with your presence.

If the dog has been with you for quite a long time already, you can notice while you are touching his head he’s just tolerating it and starts to close his eyes in appreciation and it’s a sign that your dog has definitely loved you back.

Dogs reaction when you leave:

If your dog just comely see you leaving the house it’s a sign that your dog trusts you and he’s aware that you are for sure still coming back.

Nevertheless, not all dogs have that kind of thinking, as some of them will feel anxious whenever you leave.

But some dogs are so attached to their owners and feel nervous or even anxious to see you leaving.

If you notice that your dog has this kind of feelings and behavior you need to consult the veterinarian’s advice about it.

Dog training experts have suggested that before leaving you have to do some special routine, like touching his head right before leaving, and upon coming back, then the dog will remember this and will not worry so much when you leave because as you touched his head you mean you are coming back.

Train your dog by leaving for a short period, touch his head then come back, then slowly increase the time you spent outside until the dog will learn that when you leave you are still coming back and in this way you will relieve his feeling of anxiety and discomfort.

If dogs are sticking out their tongues and raising their eyebrows:

These are their ways or facial movements when humans are looking at them.

They can raise their eyebrows to make their eyes bigger then show their tongue, as a way to make us understand their true power of love; even on the presence of food, could not matter on whatsoever on this kind of expression.

Another study as well had published on the general science that confirmed about your furry friend of their understanding not only to your words but also to the tone of your speech too.

So your dogs have certainly appreciated all your long love monologues, like ‘Oh your such a good boy, yes you are.’ then give your dog a nice treat.

Your dog seems like crazy when you come back, why?

The department of animal and environment and health had conducted a series of experimentation.

Well those experiments proved that the excitement and warm love is indicating that your dog is massively invested in you.

Every time you come home your dog’s emotion starts a certain process in their bodies that will increase the social hormone oxytocin and decreasing the stress hormone cortisol.

So always spend some time to interact with your dog in both physical and verbal as soon as you come home.

Then, the oxytocin level will be maintained as high as it is for longer period.

Why dogs are gazing into your eyes?

Scientists from the department of animal science and bio technology together with the other specialists have conducted a study that shows how dogs create and develop an emotional connection with human being through staring into your eyes.

This sort of silent contact is increasing the level of the social hormone called oxytocin between humans and dogs.

Scientists have also discovered that the dogs can acquire a human like mood of communication during the domestication process where dogs have already started to tighten their bond for the future owners.

Why dogs are sometimes bringing you their favorite toys?

Dogs are naturally possessive about their toys, and no one can easily take it away from them once they like it so much.

But when you see your dogs proudly keeping it from being taken by other dogs and yet, he is just easily giving it to you, you can be sure that your pet’s love is so strong and unconditional.

Other training experts have interpreted it as a declaration of endless trust, and the expression of the dog’s love towards the owners.

Same as humans, dogs have needs and wants, and they are willing to give their full loyalty and affection to whoever that can fulfill it.

Our dogs do love us because we love them by providing for them their needs not only for food and drinks but also for the love and care which they love the most.

Not all relationships and bonds between pets and owners are the same for some are much richer, deeper and stronger than others.

Some dog owners are creating a close connection through spending more quality time with their dogs.

The mutual trust between pet and owner is the basis of any quality relationship, between dogs and humans.

I am sure that there are dog owners whose dogs can do a lot more than what are mentioned in this article.

Congratulations! You have trained it so you deserved it, your dog can be considered special and one of a kind.

So please let me know in the comments below if how does your dog show their love? or how your dog say ‘I love you?’ then share this to your friends.

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How To Protect Yourself From Viruses

It seemed to have no more chance for the virus to run out for it continued to multiply and killed more people until there is something that can be discovered which will be able to completely stop it from existing.

There is still a big part of the world’s population nowadays that is experiencing lockdown due to COVID-19 virus.

As of the moment we don’t have the sure idea of how to put an end to this horrifying virus, so this virus will stay with us just like other viruses where our bodies have already become immune due to the protection that we have in our  bodies because of the vaccines that we had since we were kids.

In the world today, because of the pandemic, people have come out with the question in their minds which is, How To Avoid Covid 19 Virus?

However, even though eradicating them is quite impossible for now, we have already the available effective vaccines for our protection.

Since kids, we all were already used for vaccination because of polio, measles, smallpox, etc.

So it’s not anymore new to us, and we are used to it, because it’s a compulsory requirement for all children.

Vaccines are just vaccines and we don’t need to be scared about it, as long as we are healthy, there is no need for us to be worried, for our body had been tested already to receive it without any adverse reaction.

As we all know, this virus is very infectious, and it’s been known by the whole people in the world.

What we don’t know if what exactly is the 100 percent cure or the vaccine that can protect us with a 100 percent guarantee which is so far not possible.

We are still in the era of experimentation, but the good news is that,

most of those that are vaccinated with COVID-19 have the fewer cases of dying with the virus.

Our bodies are developing antibodies, but still we are not 100 percent sure how protective they are to us.

It can only be tested once we can be infected with Covid-19 and will recover naturally after few days or weeks in quarantine.

So our immune system is proving that through our antibodies we are temporarily protected, but the question is, how long will that protection last?

If we are only staying at home, we don’t need to worry so much, but the problem is that, it is not possible for we really need to go out to work for our subsistence.

We are now surrounded with the virus, and we don’t know how to avoid them because they are invisible.

Our only protection from it is to keep on wearing mask, because we don’t know that the surrounding people are carrying it.

The world where we are now is not anymore the same as the one we had before.

Smallpox, measles, chickenpox, polio, and many others are still with us up to now, but we just didn’t notice them because we are already vaccinated in order for our body to become immune to them.

So in the case of corona virus, there is no other way for protecting us from getting infected other than vaccination.

All we have to do is to trust them who discovered the vaccines, because the mere purpose for it is to protect us from dying.

Yes, our antibodies will help to protect us, but it’s protection is not guaranteeing for us to survive, once we can be infected.

We have to be wise enough in preserving our health and life, let’s learn to accept the fact that it’s not an ordinary virus, as a matter of fact it killed millions of people in the whole world.

Drinking hot water may help a bit but most of them will just make you pee more often.

However, maintaining physical distancing, washing hands, wearing face shield and mask are still the best ways for our protection.

Not unless you are in close contact with those that are infected with covid -19, you don’t need to waste your sanitizing agents to sanitize your house frequently touch areas, but it’s a good idea to change your clothes and take shower if you had been mingling with the crowd as a precautionary measure for the sake of the rest of your family who deserves to be protected from it and be healthy.

We don’t need to be panicky, whatever you are handling: can be money, ATM’s, cellphones, or anything that are touched by other people, you just have to wash your hands or sanitized it before touching any parts of your body or to the members of your family.

Coronavirus is not like other known bacteria and it’s not even a food-borne infection, but it’s a droplet-related infection with the same effect as flu.

Coronavirus infection can’t be caught from any food packaging, from drive through food, or anything that you purchase from any restaurants because there is no record of risk about corona virus being transmitted by food.

Coronavirus can’t survive for long in the air, because they need host because that respiratory droplet infection would require close contact.

Using ordinary soap is sufficient enough to use for corona virus protection and you don’t need any antibacterial soap for virus is different than bacteria.

You don’t need to worry about the food you buy outside but it’s a good practice to heat it all up for precautionary purposes and for better taste of the food.

It’s not proven to be true that taking ginger and sugarcane juice as well as vinegar can protect you from being infected, for they are only pertaining immunity and not exactly for cure.

Inside the house you don’t need to wear mask for they are only interfering your breathing and the level of oxygen that you can inhale. Therefore, wear your mask only when you are in a crowd or in a place where there are known people infected with the virus.

If I were to choose I would prefer using face shield only than mask, because aside from being less in suffocation it can also protect your eyes from infection.

It is much better to not to wear gloves as long as you keep on washing hands as often as possible.

Wearing gloves will make you sometimes rely on it and will forget to wash hands without changing it.

It’s easier for the virus to accumulate into the gloves and the transmission is easier once you touch your face.

There is now any better substitute than washing hands regularly with soap and water.

COVID-19 vaccines are safe

Take advantage of the free COVID-19 vaccines that are being offered by our government nowadays.

The sole intention for that is for our protection from the virus and not for harming our health and life.

They want us to live not to die as others thought it to be, we have to trust them for its effectiveness and purpose of why we need to be vaccinated.

COVID-19 vaccines development is quite a little faster than the other vaccines ever discovered, but all sorts of steps were done just to make sure for its effectiveness and safety.

The vaccines that are now available for us are not experimental. It passed with all the clinical trials and levels being required, and it’s developed by not a beginners’ study, but by science who had been experiencing about its study for decades.

Before using it for humans, experts had first did a lot of extensive testing and follow up, and it’s proven to be safe and effective as most people around the globe have actually experienced by themselves.

Even up to this time COVID-19 vaccines continued to receive and undergo the strict safety monitoring for its efficacy.

COVID-19 vaccines are really effective, it proved to have saved a lot of lives in the world.

We should not listen to the negative effects news, and even sometimes fake news that are only scaring people to get vaccinated.

We should take into consideration the reports of the majorities who benefited the best result by recovering from infections.

There are already about 6.6 billion shots given to the world as of today October 16, 2021.

Some people would like to share their fears of being vaccinated by sharing all the negative reports they have collected like telling that there are a lot of people who died after vaccination.

COVID-19 vaccine deaths are never higher than the COVID-19 deaths.

We have so far about 7.9 billion people in the world and already about 7.96 billion shots given to people.

There is something about the COVID-19 vaccine that some people have misunderstood. They thought that once you are already vaccinated you will not be tested positive in swab test or PCR test.

Thereby, it caused them to lose their trust and interest of being vaccinated because of not being understood about function of the vaccine in the body.

COVID-19 vaccine will give us a protection from not being easily infected and died for it.


Therefore, even though you are vaccinated you can still be positive, because viruses are just around us and the function of vaccine is only to protect us, so once you will encounter corona virus after vaccination our body can already resist the virus but it can’t stop the virus from hitting you specially when you acquire it from touching and because of not washing hands then the virus is in your hand and when you touch your eyes, mouth, nose, etc. then of course you have the virus with you even though you have the vaccines.

So your body is being protected but what is in your hand or in any part outside of your body can’t be controlled by the vaccine for the vaccine is inside your body.

Therefore, as long as there are still people in the world who are not yet vaccinated we still need to wear mask or face shield for we the vaccinated can still be a carrier for the corona virus.

Washing hands, washing hands should be a good practice in order for the virus to not to spread if in case you have it with you in your hands.

Once again, vaccines continue as the most effective shield from being hospitalized and for death, even if there is the so known variant of it, still the fully vaccinated people are being protected and the risk for dying has been reduced.

So get vaccinated, then still continue to wear masks specially indoors with much crowd or public spaces to reduce the possible spread of the variant.

I hope that this article has given you some valuable insight about the present pandemic, and with this you will be encouraged to get yourself be vaccinated, so that you yourselves as well will help the people to encourage them that it’s better to be vaccinated than not, because protection and prevention are always better than the cure.

If you have any questions or if you have any comments, please feel free to write them on the comments box below and I will be more than happy to hear it.

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Giving Up Love

The most common reason why the feelings of love between partners have slowly fading away, it’s because while the relationship is getting longer couples tend to be relaxed with themselves and forgot that they have a big responsibility to face which is to work out with the relationship that they have promised to work.

Thereby, once they forgot this commitment, they eventually started to take their partners for granted, then wondered why this happened to their relationship and asked, how love fades?

So if we want our relationship to work, both partners should help each other in working for it.

To keep the relationship healthy as it’s been from the very beginning, whenever you are wrong you have to admit it, and whenever you are right you have to learn to be silent and wait for the perfect moment to discuss it, not right there and then at the event of the conflict.

Human beings are not perfect, we make mistakes, and we should always remember this, that we can add a little more consideration with each other when time comes that there is something our partners have missed to performed as we have expected them to be as part of their obligations towards partner to partner.

Being a partner of course we already have a lot of ideas about weaknesses, mood swings, qualities, etc., and this is what most relationships have misunderstood as fading away of love.

Therefore, if we only realize that we also are responsible then, we will learn to give a bigger consideration about how to keep our love as strong as before.

Some partners are just relying on that, they both have already promised to love each other, they thought that it can be done even without the actual performance.

In the very beginning of the relationship, we used to be doing something impressive, we used to be demonstrative with our feelings, we used to be giving some surprises, we used to be showing some excitement, and happiness being together.

So there were a lot of things that we normally showed and we never did it anymore because we lost the loving feelings that we had from the very beginning of the relationship.

If we only continue with what we were doing before, we will not experience the feeling of love that is fading away.

Recall the way you used to do when you always say how much you love and care, and how happy you are to have become your partner, lover, spouse, girlfriend, and husband or wife.

The old exciting feelings are dying, and the relationship started to get boring, there is no more excitement that drives each other’s feelings of love.

Physical closeness should always be present in a relationship, or else meaningful conversations are needed, because it’s only the love that gives sense in even stupid conversations.

The reason why the feelings of love have started to fade, because we don’t share anymore the same feelings as we did in the beginning.

The longer time you are away from each other is the more chances of your feelings to fade if you don’t keep your close communication tightened with love.

Then once love is slowly fading, the chances of looking for someone new will be bigger because you will then start to develop a new love, once you meet someone whom you think can fill up the missing feelings and care that you normally had with your present relationship.

All relationship started with an exciting one, and the excitement are slowly fading because of how we regarded them as it’s been.

Humans have emotions, the feelings can’t be stopped, no matter how we try, and that is a sure sign of being pure human.

To have a heart doesn’t always mean we’re human without having an emotion in it.

In life, we feel incomplete without the feelings of love, it’s the most wonderful feeling to have loved, but when the feeling is gone, we want to search it again in order to experience the wholeness and the completeness of our being.

It is a choice why we feel, so the most important thing is for us to realize why we have such feelings.

There is none of us that intentionally choose to have such feelings, and we never have intended to let our love fade away.

It’s just suddenly coming our way as the result of what we feel of being shown some changes of feelings very much different than it’s been to be in the very beginning.

Even though we choose different thoughts and actions, we can’t still avoid the different emotions.

Understanding that we are only humans, is a big factor in finding out why love fades and why love grows.

We need to take a loving care for each other endlessly, if we want a never fading feelings of love.

We learned to love because of knowing that we are loved, but once we know that love is getting colder, we noticed and feel that way as well even though it hurts, feeling is contagious, what everyone wants is exactly we also wanted.

Being in love with each other doesn’t guarantee for an unfading love, but we can teach each other to love by just showing that we care and truly love.

So having your love to fade can sometimes be intentional, for we can make it grow or fade by choice.

It’s not a question why love fades, the question is, why you allow your love to fade?

If you only make an effort to let it grow, surely it will, and won’t fade.

We ourselves are responsible because everything is under our control and choice, if we want it not to fade it won’t but since we choose it, definitely it will, as we wanted it to be.

It’s only the long distance relationship that have the bigger chances of experiencing such situation, because not being together will sometimes cause the love to fade specially if the love for each other is not with a strong foundation.

So being far away from each other is the most common but not all for it will all depend upon their faithfulness.

Distance is only a test, if how far love can travel, but the two faithful persons who loved each other can always find a way to make their love stronger by looking for ways to make their communication as close as they are not a part from each other.

Communication is very important, so it’s part to the partner’s obligation to find a way to contact each other in any ways like audio or video calling, or even just text messaging  for as long as there is a way of communication between each other for without this, relationship will be in danger of having it’s love gradually fading.

Physical closeness is very vital in any relationship, so if possible couples have to be together always or at least they meet most of their days in life.

Long distance relationship have encountered some issues due to the lack of intimacy which is normally the binding factor of the relationship, because in a romantic relationship, both are expected to be physically close to each other.

Although we are now in the modern era where communication is not anymore difficult due to the aid of internet.

But still it’s not enough to replace the actual face to face togetherness of the couple or lovers.

Long distance relationship requires effective communication in order to understand each other very well.

If close relationship has encountered some misunderstandings how much more those who are in a long distance.

Many misunderstandings and unavoidable arguments have resulted in an online communication, and it will not bring you any joy and this will cause for the relationship to fall apart.

Most of those who are in a situation of being away from each other have looked for ways to fix it, but sad to say that some of them have decided to end it.

Ending a relationship is not easy but if it is approved by two concerned people, so it’s not right that relationship is ended by

the decision of one person alone, so if ending up a relationship should really be needed then it should be agreed between them.

Long distance relationship is the most common situation that encountered breaking up or fading away love for each other.

Discussing the matters about the relationship specially the long distance one, if partners will only give each other a chance to talk about their issues, problems can suppose to be fixed by themselves if they will make an effort for it.

Unless the partner has no more interest about their relationship for there are some other reasons like having found another to replace.

The most common complaint of many couples nowadays is that the strength and the flame of love are not anymore present in the relationship.

The excitement of the first few months have suddenly gone then couples enthusiasm with their relationship have faded and the hope of bringing back the sweet first months of togetherness have eventually given up.

In order to keep a close relationship to not to change, both should know what to do, and what to not to do.

Each partner should know when is the right time to approach, and when is the right time to go away.

We should always remember that we are only a human being, we have emotions and feelings, and of course with some expectations and anticipations.

We all have our individual different characteristics so we should be willing to accept our individual differences so that we will learn to be considerate and patient with all our weaknesses and failures.

Some of us are demonstrative with the feelings but some are hideous with theirs, and it doesn’t mean they don’t care,

as a matter of fact, some of them who are not showy with their feelings, are the ones who truly love the most.

Couples who are in love can suppose to be keeping their love alive forever, if they only knew how to handle their relationship.

But sad to say, both couples have forgotten their responsibilities as being partners.

Some of them are abusing their rights, because they know that they already owned each other they’re thinking that they are already for each other even without doing an effort which is very much wrong.

What we did from the time when still newly engaged or wed, we have to continue with the same effort till forever.

Yes, we are getting older but our inner being is not, it continues to be young no matter how old you are already.

As long as we are still on the right mind, we still appreciate being taken cared and loved.

However, this should be done by both partners, what we want is what we should show and demonstrate.

If we want care, we should care. If we want love, we should love. Whatever ways that we want to do to ourselves that is the same is the expectation of the others.

So we can’t blame anyone if there are break-ups in a relationship, it’s normally because there are some duties and responsibilities that we need to perform in order to keep the flame of love healthy as it is when it was.

Even though people are not perfect for each other, they still are made perfect because love is a perfect feeling specially, if being appreciated will never fade even by the length of time.

I hope you’ve learnt something from this article about, how love fades?

It’s good for us to make it as pattern for our own relationship to not to reach to the point of having the love for each other to unreasonably fade.


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