Never Give Up Motivation

When we’re a kid we had some wishes of how we wanted to be when we grew up, but most of them was not what we achieved today, because those were just a sort of childhood dream.

Anyway, there might be some cases that they got exactly what they dreamt of.

But generally or most of them, have a very different profession which was not what they wished upon growing up.

Actually, whatever dreams you are having from childhood up to now, if you will only put a focus and determination to it, you will have a bigger chances of achieving, because if you believe in yourself, you will become what exactly how you wish to be.

Never give up, and what do you have to do to succeed? All you have to do is to make a goal in your life, and start right now doing it, start right now in working on it, and never give up and never lose hope on your dreams no matter what burden that is pulling you down.

Everyone of us is sometimes reaching in the level of our lives where we can be faced with the choice of carrying on or to give up.

Life is like a climbing competition that once you are tired and decided to stop and just rest on the middle of the mountain and wishing that your shoes will take you to the top, you will end up losing and failing with your desired dream to win.

Climbing slowly is not bad because it is still better than not moving at all, you should have motivated yourself, with your reasons why you join the competition, why did you waste your effort and time to reach to the middle, if you just stop in there.

Therefore, whenever you feel like quitting, and you want some motivations to continue with your journey, here are the ultimate guides and reasons, why we should not give up.

1. If you wish for the best you should work hard on it.

There is nothing easier to do than doing nothing and just sit around and be idle and never wishing to obtain anything.

All the best things are those who are the most difficult things to do, that’s why not so many people are achieving their goals it’s because, they want to do only easier ones and losing their strive to succeed.

You may need to struggle for your way to achieve in your desired goal or career, you may need to exert much effort, but the good thing is, at the end you will be prized according to how much diligence you put on it.

2. Success could not be earned in an instance

No matter what field are you, your endeavor for success will always be needing time to wait, there will be perseverance to be spent, and most of some unavoidable setbacks will come your way as you move on with your goal.

Even in all kinds of sports, there is always a struggle and determination to win before winning can be experienced.

All winners have won because of their faith that they could make it, and all winners were been losing for many times before they finally get the trophy as the reward for their efforts to win.

Perseverance Is the persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

You should know how to persevere and to dedicate yourself with single-mindedness to do it.

Your perseverance is something which you can only learn once you are in the situations of hardships.

If you have never experienced failure, you can’t have any idea about how to get up, and every time we get up from falling down, we grow a little stronger and we will become so able of achieving our desired targets for success.

Success will just be within your reach if you are willing to reach out for it.

All winners are courageous, they never lose their enthusiasm until they obtained victory.

Winners are never a quitters and while quitters can never be winners because of their pessimism.

3. Keep trying and then failed is much better than failing to try.

There are many situations in our lives that we have regretted why we tried it, because such attempt had made you to be embarrassed, and lost your courage to do it again due to the outcome which is so difficult for you to accept.

Most people when they failed they are only looking at the negative side of it, without knowing that failure have made them boost their confidence, that because of encountering such experience they became so brave to face the challenge of life to succeed.

That is the reason why there are a lot of people who failed, it’s because they experienced failures they are now losing their self-confidence to try again.

The greatest barrier to success in any field or industry is the fear of being failed, so if you are wise enough, you have to study the reason why were you failing? What to do to avoid such failure?

How do you avoid the fear of failure? It is by trying again and again until you succeed? You don’t know what you can do until you try.

So don’t lose your hope, do something even just a little thing, because giving up is not the solutions of it, however, it’s your being optimistic and the affirmation that you can do it all, is what can make you achieve, if you just believe.

4. Success is not a something but it is a big thing.

We have to always put it into consideration that our resolution to succeed is having the more vitality than any other things.

If you are not resolute and you give up, you will not discover in yourself how far you can accomplish in life, rather than being determined that nothing is impossible, your chances of success is more sure.

There are many instances in our lives that we almost give up but later we found that behind it there is a big achievement to be obtained and if you have quitted you will not become who you are today.

So, many people in our times who have been experiencing success, have become so thankful for their failures because it leads them to the best one that they have never thought getting.

5. You need to find out first the right direction before aiming your target.

Success in the beginning can’t be guaranteed, it requires much trial and error. You have to establish your strategy on how to reach it, and you may encounter some hindrances along the way, so if you are not that optimistic you will not carry on with it and just prefer to stay effortless because of thinking that you have no other choice.

Your goal is very important when aiming the direction of your target, you must be confident enough to hit it without fear of missing, and you will get your maximum capability to make it.

The common tricks that most successful people are using since before and up to our times is that, they never give up even after many failures, they just changed their ways of approaching it and tried again till they succeed.

6. Your future doesn’t depend on your past.

Many failure stories that have come out to be a big success later, just like many people who were been just an ordinary person but later had shocked the world for the unbelievable achievement that made them to be considered as one of the riches in the world.

So one formula for success is not to have fear in failure, because once you have this kind of mentality, your level of optimism and confidence will go lower.

Those who are now in the top 100’s they have been starting from the very bottom at somewhere at the 10’s or lower.

So you don’t need to think that because you were experiencing failure or unhappiness it doesn’t mean you will not succeed or be happy anymore.

The first few attempts should not be counted as the finals or the last, you still have to continue trying and you should never quit.

All the successes in life was looking like just a failure in the beginning but later as the time goes by you have found it to be a tremendous success.

Failure from the past have taught us a valuable insight to do much better for the next try.

Your purpose for continuing is not to repeat the past, but to use the past as guide into how to make it better in the present, so the past can be the very best thing that will give the best future you want.

7. Failure is only when you give up.

When you do your best in order to achieve a thing but still you don’t get the expected result that you wished for, it doesn’t mean you are a loser, for as long as you do your best, whatever you’ve got is still part of achievement.

It’s still a great pride to try to fail than failing to try, so you still deserve compliments for your hard work and dedication to your effort to achieve your desired goal, just keep on moving towards your dreams until you will be successful.

Thereby, one of the greatest secrets for a successful life is not focusing behind what you are missing. It is by making the most of what is in you already, then after this you don’t need to look for the success because it is the success itself will come and find you.

Success is sometimes known to be connected with your action. Successful people don’t stop learning and working, they will maybe make mistakes, but they will never quit.

8. The temptation to quit is very strong right before reaching success.

As you have started your goals or projects, you tend to be energetic and strong to do everything, but as you are already in the middle to almost the end part of it, you will start to get tired and weary, you’ll start to lose energy, strength, enthusiasm, and until you will start of thinking to give up.

The final part is always the hardest, and that’s exactly when we start to feel of giving up. You already reach that far, so why you don’t try to see how it ends, be brave and excited about seeing the results of your endeavor, winning or losing doesn’t matter, so whether you lose or win you must be proud that you didn’t end up quitting.

Failure doesn’t finish a man, quit does. A man is not finished when he failed, he’s finished only when he quits.


9. Be yourself and don’t compare yourself to those who already achieved.

Be Never discouraged with the success of others, however, make them as your inspiration to strive to reach success.

You didn’t know how they get there, you didn’t know what hardships they were facing before they are able to be successful

Everything has started with an effort, there is nothing like a magic in this world. All successes started with a try, and when you try you are taking the possible risk of losing because there are only two choices, which are to lose and to win.

When you try there is nothing to lose and when you succeed you win everything, and this is what you will use as your motivational strategy to keep on moving no matter what happens.

Comparing yourself to others is only making yourself down and desperate, because you don’t know how many years they earned their successes while you just have started.

So it is better to be satisfied with what you have, and enjoy the blessing you received because there are more people who have the worst experience than you do.

Never compare yourself to them however, make them your model to get you inspired, in carrying on towards the successful journey.

Stand up and believe that you can, because your only supporter is yourself, and your best competitor is who you were yesterday. So make the full use of today as your best preparation for tomorrow.

10. Do what successful people are doing.

There are a lot of things to learn from watching other people, and learning their ways is the best idea to follow, since they are your living proof and inspiration to possibly achieve the success which you are dreaming of.

There are many success stories where you can get some ideas what they did to achieve, but it is also wiser to learn from the failure stories because you will also learn something about why they failed and then you will use it to avoid from happening to you.

When you feel like giving up try to remember why you started, what’s your reason for dreaming such success, and why you want to be successful, there are many reasons behind it, and most of it is about wishing for a brighter future for yourself and specially your family.

So you have now the best inspiration to achieve success, those people who are now successful were also experiencing failures, and if they stopped then because of discouragement, they could not be successful as they are today. So try to affirm it to yourself that if they were able to survive all the trials while striving for success, you can now have the reason to tell yourself that, since they didn’t give up and therefore, they are now enjoying success so I won’t be quitting as well.

If you fail while trying to achieve, then you don’t need to use the failure as an excuse to stop however, let it be your key to the door for success.

11. Consider your success from the other fields.

There are things that is good for them but not good for you, because every single person on earth we have our unique capabilities and talents, there is something they did that made them successful while no matter how you followed their ways to succeed you still ended up as failure, and there is also something you can do which they can’t so, to achieve success you should choose something you are very good at it, because we have different expertise.

We human beings love to be appreciated with what we do and we look for it. Some of us are working so hard towards craving for achievement of our goal, but our efforts to make seemed not resulting anything, there is no revenue and sales yet, in other words, there is nothing yet that you can brag as your achievement, there is nothing that you can be proud of thereby, you’ll be thinking of a possible frustration and then you give up.

The thing that can stop yourself from giving up, is to have a rest for a while, meditate on good things to do, by examining yourself of what are you missing, what tools you need more, which part made you a failure.

So once you found out the ways then you can proceed by trying and trying again until you succeed as what almost all successful people are doing.

Ask yourself of how would you like to achieve success this time, then let that positive feelings for success to sustain you to keep your energy and enthusiasm to succeed as you are in your journey for another try.

12. You should try the best way as possible

There are many successful people who were not good at their chosen career but they found themselves great at what they did after the failure.

If you keep on trying but still experiencing failure that means you have not found the right thing yet, so you don’t need to judge yourself as failure in life because you failed only in a certain area where there are more goals to focus for achievement.

In every moment that you try to fail, you will learn some valuable lessons for it, which will help you to do better for another time.

Try something new in your next attempt and never let the experience of failure stop you from future success.

When you don’t see any result yet, even you have been working it so hard on your goal, this doesn’t mean that you failed. You are maybe so close already to achieving than how you think it. So you have no reason to give up, think positively that you can do it, for you might be just very close already for succeeding.

You need to always remember that when there is a will there will be also a way because failure is always temporary, that’s how we say to it, and it is only giving up that makes it permanent.

I hope you have learnt something from this valuable article which I have shared to you, and if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, please feel free to write them below and I will be more than happy to hear it.


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  1. Hi Francisco. I loved your post. I certainly believe that failing at something is nothing to be ashamed of. Quitting is a different story. Thank you for the motivation.

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