Who Are Your Neighbors?


Proverbs 27:10 Do not forget your friends or your father’s friends. If you are in trouble, don’t ask a relative for help; a nearby neighbor can help you more than relatives who are far away.

What is the importance of finding out about who are your neighbors?

In order for you to find out who your neighbors are, you need to first let your neighbors know who you are, by respecting of whoever they are, their beliefs, backgrounds, races, irrespective if whether they are rich or poor.

This of course meant that there is something completely profound which is at work all around you.

For those who are God-fearing people, God has chosen some neighbors for you whom you can get closer as times go by.

What that means? Every person that God brings into your life has its purpose and meaning, so the neighbors who are living just close by, is placed by God for some special purpose.

So make sure that you will do your part to complete God’s plans and purpose for giving you neighbors as them.

Take care of your neighbors, and never despise them, and be generous as much as possible if you have the capability to do so specially to the poor.

Proverbs 14:21 Whoever despises his neighbor is a sinner, but blessed is he who is generous to the poor.

Loving your neighbors is a commandment, but a lot of obvious questions are arising whenever it is heard by people who are not familiar with God’s words.


How do I find out who my neighbors are?

So here below are all the 12 steps or ways on finding out who your neighbors are.

In order for you to find out who your neighbors are, you need to find a way first on how to meet them.

1.) Knowing your neighbors

For us to be able to know our neighbors, we must first be the kindest that we are to them by showing some act of love in order for us to be noticed through the kindness that we have shown not only to them but for all the surrounding people.

If we want God to be pleased with us by loving our neighbors in the way which he commanded to us, we should have the kind of love which is not expecting in return.

In the beginning your neighbors might be hesitant in knowing you, because of their previous experiences that there are people who started to be nice but with different intentions. So normally you will not see any interest for knowing you well, but you need to understand them because they don’t have any idea yet about you, so all you have to do is to prove them that you are different among all that they have known, and by the attitude that you have shown later they can be convinced with it.

2.) Be friendly to them even if they are not.

To have a better relationship with your neighbors, you should try to be as friendly as possible, even if you don’t see any signs from them of being deserving for it.

Build a close friendship with them, but never force them or never obliged them to be friendly.

Some neighbors want some space and privacy from everyone around them so make sure that you know the right timing of when to meet them, it should be on their own convenience so that you will not be counted as disturbance for them.

If you encounter situations like that, you should respect it, because they have the right to feel uneasy since they have not known you so well.

3.) Perfect timing and close attention on your neighbors reactions is very important.

Expecting to meet neighbors specially for the very first time will create nervousness, and that is natural for most of us.

Sometimes the nervousness that you feel is only within yourself as it is triggered by focusing on how you present yourself rather than the person appearing before you.

But as long as you remember that it’s the will of God that you are doing, you can expect some encouragement and confidence coming from God since your intention to face personally to your neighbors is for the good for both you and your neighbor.

Remind yourself that you are not alone doing it, God will be with you to help you make it a successful one.

4.) Be respectful even if they are not.

To be respectful, is to feel like you are in their shoes. So don’t do the things to others the things that you don’t like to be done to you.

Avoid doing things that cause disturbance to your neighbors rests, like too loud music, or any gatherings that will possibly create noise which is disturbing to them.

Whenever you see them passing by don’t forget to at least say hello or if they are a little far, at least you will wave them as part of your acknowledgment that you recognize them as good neighbors.

The more you respect them is the more you can expect them to respect you in return, but never expect them to do that all the time, remember that it’s you who initiated it because you want to be known as a good neighbor to them.

5.) Try to remember your neighbors’ name.

In all industries specially in the hospitality, remembering names is a very important factor as part of the personalized service.

So if you think you often are forgetful of names or any important matters of personal details including names, occupations, relationship of the families, etc.

I would recommend you to put all those details down on notes to make sure you will remember them, so that on the next acquaintance of your neighbors, you can automatically call them by names, and it will make a lot of sense for them. Mentioning names when calling a person, is telling them that you are giving them extra respect and care, and by this, you are making them impressed you, and by and by, will make them to like you.

6.) Show some qualities that can benefit neighbors or be friendly to them.

Show your concern to them and be neighborly. If you happen to see that there are mails which they don’t notice, try to call to inform them and they will appreciate it. When you pass by then you see their faucet is dripping or any other things which you think unusual to happen, call or ring them to make them be aware of it.

Be always willing to lend a hand or anything when you see that they need some help. And those little thing that you showed will mean a lot to them, and will go farther in improving your relationship with them.

By doing so, you are building a trust and close relationship, and making this will not only make you as the favorite neighbor of theirs, but also you are teaching them how to care for their neighbors.


7.) show your neighbors that they are important to you, by following them up now and then.

Do all your best to beat down a path through the hedge, for a lengthy silence will send a relationship into an unclear situation. So keep some short accounts with neighbors by pointing regular times for re connection and deepening of the relationship.

The non-formal hospitality is completely possible and the best path forward. Be open to spontaneity and keep it just simple.

Greet them on their special occasions, like birthday, anniversary, etc., then show your concern and empathy, to let them know that you care for them.

8.) Be of service to your neighbors.

Be Always ready to help when needed, offer yourself what you can do to assist them with their struggles, be truthful and genuine to them.

Look for ways on how you can contribute any help even on the most ordinary needs in your neighbors’ life.

If they’re out of the house, offer yourself to have a look at it for them to have a peace of mine while they’re away from home.

If you’re going for a shopping, ask them if there is anything that they would like you to buy for them.

Offer all that you can do to them, if you have any special talents, ask them if they need you to do it, if they need something like tools or anything, be always willing to lend it to them, and by doing so, you are opening the gate of the closest relationship between neighbors.

8.) Give a small gift during their special occasions.

Giving gifts is making them special to you, the more you do it, the more they will value it, and the more they will put a special place in their heart for you.

Actually it’s not just during special occasion that we should give gifts but every time when you feel like doing it, as long as you will do it from the heart, and the most heartily given gifts is when you don’t expect any returns.

If you can make some homemade stuff, that will be more highly appreciated by your neighbors.

Upon giving your gifts, you don’t need to stay long in their house, even if they tell you to stay, try to make some excuses, because you don’t know exactly about their plans for the day, so to avoid of making you bother them, spend only few minutes conversation with your neighbors.

10.) Dealing with misunderstanding and conflict to your neighbors.

We’re just human and not perfect, so when you feel you’ve hurt them or do anything wrong with them, always be the first one to apologize.

Be Always sincere to them and when apologizing make it a heartfelt one.

Don’t let your pride drive you to create a bad relationship, be humble as always, and always think that your neighbors are much better than you.

You must be so considerate to them, if you’re not in good terms, be the first to initiate reconciliation between you and them, and it’s a good practice that will also teach them how to be humble base on what you showed to them.

Keep in mind about your purpose for apologizing, you have to do it for your part but you can’t expect your neighbors to do the same, but at least you are doing all you can to make peace with them.

11.) Show to your neighbors that your yard is presentable and neat.

These things are just simple, but most neighbors will really appreciate it. How your yard look like will reflect in you, and up to your whole house.

Just keep your yard as neat as you. Your neighbors are looking at you, and whatever they see, which are pleasing to their eyes, they tend to imitate your way of making your yard neat.

The leaves from the trees that are falling now and then, are uncontrollable and understandable. What you need to make sure that your lawns are mowed regularly, and the rubbish can be picked up or swept since they are not looking good when too much already.

Try to decorate your yard by planting some plants that will bear flowers for they will beautify your yard, and it is so pleasing to the eyes of your neighbors too, when they pass by.

12.) Don’t be sensitive and try to let something go.

It is inevitable that there will be something your neighbors may do which is annoying for both of you. This is normal and true and mostly it is done unintentionally. Just try to let it go, because it is normal for human beings that not all the time we can bring happiness, it is sometimes balanced with some challenges and trials but once you can get over it, it will make your relationship as neighbors closer and stronger.

Being not in good terms with our neighbors for sometimes is unavoidable, but the good thing is no matter what happens, after your conflict, you’re ready to forgive each other and because of your close relationship and your good memories as good neighbors, it’s easy for you to learn to forgive and forget everything that happened.

Once again, it is very important to have a better relationship with your neighbors, and it’s good to get along well with them in many other good reasons.

It’s so nice that you are at peace with them as always, and you who are in such situation will be much more pleasant if you can do it.

If you just know how to feel what they feel, you can avoid any misunderstanding, so if you want to stay out of trouble with your neighbors, be careful what you say.

Implant in your mind the commandment of God about our responsibility towards neighbors, as the bible said in:

Matthew 19:19 respect your father and your mother; and love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

If we follow the commandment which is to love them as we love our self, we can learn to be considerate to them when they fail.

So if you love your neighbor, you should be loyal and true to them and you will not be against them for the good and bad times, as God had commanded us to be your neighbors’ defender not accuser as it is said in:

Exodus 20:16 “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

Another final thing that I would like to keep you in your mind about how to find out who your neighbors are, is to limit your visits to them, if possible never come to their house without any invitation, and once you’re there with them try to limit your time as much as possible, because your neighbors are just human beings, they have their moods and emotions which is sometimes difficult to understand as the bible reminded as in:

Proverbs 25:17 Don’t visit your neighbors too often; they may get tired of you and come to hate you. 

I hope you learn something from this exclusive article. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write them below and I will be more than happy to hear it. May God bless you all as always…


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  1. It is vital that you know who your neighbors are. You could be living next to serial killers or just all around bad people, so it is important to know who your neighbors are. Luckily for me, I am close with my neighbors. I know that they are good people that wouldn’t hurt a fly. But this article will come in handy for those people that don’t know their neighbors. 

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