How To Keep A Good Relationship?

From the very beginning of most relationships, it’s so normal that couples are very sweet because their mindset is still focusing on the present situations where eagerness and excitement are in each other’s mind being newly married, but the case of those who are living together for long are of different ways.

The common question of all is, “how to keep a good relationship between husband and wife.”

Whether we like it or not the time will really come in the lives of couple, that they can feel something different from how they felt in the very beginning of their relationship.

There’s no one who can stop it, because it will surely come in a relationship, but the good thing of those who are wise enough in handling it, they have what they call in medical term as prophylactic, meaning they know how to prevent this to happen, because they have anticipated it that this will happen as the relationship is getting longer.

Relationship in the beginning is as fresh as any food but when we don’t do anything to keep it fresh for longer time, what will happen is that, it will get spoiled, and that is the same with relationship,

if we don’t have any idea about keeping it fresh then it is expected to do any changes after few months or years together.

There are really a lot of changes in a relationship as it is getting longer, because couples then will start to discover something from each other which are not known in the beginning of the relationship like behavior, attitude, styles, modes, etc..

It is not easy to keep a healthy relationship if you are living together for long, it can be either your partner or you will change into a not good habit which will be the cause of any arguments.

One of the best keys to a healthy relationship is the communication, and both partners should be aware about it to ensure that you are at the same page, and the same directions.

How to communicate with your partner?

Be honest an open with how you exactly feel. Tell your partner what you like and do not.

Be open with what can bother you and what can make you happy, and try to be specific about your emotion, your needs, and what you like in a partner.

Once you’re open with your partner, he will then also start to be the same, because it’s an expression of honesty towards your partner and it will teach him how to accept you of what you are in reality.

Anything that bothers you, must be expressed, but should be in a nicely way, in order for your voice to be heard well.

How to empathize with your partner?

A partner who is sharing and expressing his feelings without reservation, so means that he has fully entrusting you with the deeper part about himself, his is the kind of partner that deserves your best empathy, by showing him how much you care.

Embrace him with the reassurance that you really love, or you still love him as you did in the very beginning of your relationship.

Show your best of understanding about how he feels and thank him also for sharing his thoughts and feelings and most of all for being honest with you for everything.

Showing an empathy is one of the vital parts of any relationship, for the healthy one can be where both partners are honest and open with each other.

To treat each other with respect is equal to showing your partner a kindness which is not make believe, but a genuine or true feeling of love.

Be considerate by being appreciative with your partner.

Don’t forget to say thank you to your partner no matter how small or big is the thing that they do in your relationship.

So if your partner is doing something that makes you laugh, makes you happy, always find a way to show him how you appreciate everything, and in that way, you have filled his heart with an extreme joy.

Showing appreciation to your partner every day, will lead to a long term relationship, because it can help to protect and to make your relationship stronger and tighter.

However, it’s not a guarantee of course, that you will not be experiencing anymore some troubles and tests in a relationship but doing your best on how to be a good partner is a big help in keeping a good relationship.

Actively listen to what your partner is talking about.

Listening is one of the important factors in keeping a good relationship, for with a good communication, is rarely encountering difficult problems, and make sure that when your partner speaks, you need to listen with your full attention so that you can remember everything your partner is talking about.

And how you can make sure that you have heard and understood, what your partner is talking about.

Asking for the repetition for any unclear words directed for you is very important, so make sure when partner is talking, your steady attention together with eye contact are needed in order to obtain active listening to your partner.

Now and then you need to reaffirm and repeat to show to your partner that you are enthusiastic in understanding about his problems, and you will act like his supporter and comforter for whatever hardships and problems he encountered in our daily lives.

How to watch for a nonverbal sign from your partner? And what is nonverbal communication in marriage?

Nonverbal communication can’t be understood by just a blink of an eye, for in every simple words, whether negative or positive bodily gestures, eye contact with your partner, countenance of the face, etc., are all sorts of nonverbal communication, which commonly cause misinterpretation, misunderstanding, and troubles in a relationship.

So verbal and nonverbal are both essential in creating and maintaining a good relationship.

What be usually the reasons why nonverbal communication is playing a big role and becomes a necessity in a relationship?

In a relationship the nonverbal communication is giving as an idea how important it is for making the marriage relationship last for long.

The way you react, smile, behave, and even to a slight touch of the arm, etc., are all forms of a nonverbal communication, which can help so much in increasing the closeness of the relationship between your significant other and you.

That’s how sensitive it is, that our every move and actions can be a reason for a lasting relationship but sad to say it can also be the reason for unexpected separation if we don’t become conscious and careful with how you deal with it all.

But there are situations in a relationship that both partners are doing there best on how to be agreeable and compatible with each other but still the problems of separation seemed unstoppable.

So in this case you need to recognize someone who is higher than yourselves and even higher than your relationship.

So the big question remained unanswered which is, “how to keep a good relationship?”

One of the ways to keep a good relationship between husband and wife is to have a certain point where you both will agree with each other.

You are not the same with each other because you are two different individuals, you have different bodies, spirits, behavior, styles, attitude, etc., thereby, the bible is telling us that they are made into one body, or united into one flesh:

Matthew 19:5 And God said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and unite with his wife, and the two will become one.’

By the will of God, he wants that couples should be in one united flesh, and to make it in one, there should be a place where you can be attached into being a united one.

Husband and wife should have a point where both of them will be on agreement in one common direction, decision, or even judgment.

Hoseas 2:19-20 “I will betroth you to Me forever; Yes, I will betroth you to Me In righteousness and justice, In loving kindness and mercy;

20 I will betroth you to Me in faithfulness, And you shall know the Lord.

The very point of marriage is for you with the spouse in righteousness first of all, then in justice or judgment, in loving kindness and mercy, and in faithfulness.

Those are the points that couples should be on agreement with each other, and you will merit a kind of marriage which is durable, enduring, and lasting, then you can’t easily be separated once you have a point where both of you will agree in one common mind.

First of them all is the righteousness that you can be in one mind in what you will be doing, if the wife or husband doesn’t like you to always go with your friends, being in one mind you should not be doing this, and there will be no any arguments or misunderstanding will happen if both of you will cooperate and respect with each other’s judgment, because you have the basis which is the justice or judgment based from the bible.

Whether you like it or not, in a married life there is judgment in there, let’s cite a very simple example, you told to your wife that you will buy a motorcycle so that it will not be difficult for you to go here and there.

In such situation, you will be using a judgment, if your spouse will tell, we can’t afford it yet because we have some more important thing to prioritize so we better just sacrifice for a while until the right moment will come when we have enough to buy it already.

So being in one common mind both of you should be in one decision or judgment, and there will be no reason for you to be in trouble with it, because you agree with each other’s opinion.

Whenever, you feel like there’s something you don’t understand in a married life, you always have go back to your basis in keeping a good relationship which is to have a point of agreement where both of you need to cooperate, like in righteousness, justice or judgment, loving kindness or mercy, and faithfulness.

If you think that your spouse is right then why don’t you agree so that no argument will happen or you refer to your parents if you feel you need their advice, and being a loving husband or wife, if one of you will decide to seek advice from your trusted guardians, be willing to cooperate and then no quarrel or arguments will happen in your relationship.

Just be cooperative with what your partner is planning to do especially when it’s all about being kind to others, for example he likes to help someone who is in need, if you say yes to him then no misunderstanding will happen because you both have the same objective and the same point of agreement, for whether you like it or not that is the life of being married.

Once again always remember the five points that you should implant in your mind which is the most important thing that you should be on agreement with each other being married and in relationship.

Hoseas 2:19-20 “I will betroth you to Me forever; Yes, I will betroth you to Me In righteousness and justice, In loving kindness and mercy;

20 I will betroth you to Me in faithfulness, And you shall know the Lord.

Those are the five points that you need to always remember and there will be no any trouble that could easily move you if you have the righteousness justice or judgment, loving kindness and mercy, and faithfulness.

I hope you’ve learnt a bit about how to keep a good relationship between husband and wife.

If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to write them below and I will be more than happy to hear it.

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