Giving Up Love

The most common reason why the feelings of love between partners have slowly fading away, it’s because while the relationship is getting longer couples tend to be relaxed with themselves and forgot that they have a big responsibility to face which is to work out with the relationship that they have promised to work.

Thereby, once they forgot this commitment, they eventually started to take their partners for granted, then wondered why this happened to their relationship and asked, how love fades?

So if we want our relationship to work, both partners should help each other in working for it.

To keep the relationship healthy as it’s been from the very beginning, whenever you are wrong you have to admit it, and whenever you are right you have to learn to be silent and wait for the perfect moment to discuss it, not right there and then at the event of the conflict.

Human beings are not perfect, we make mistakes, and we should always remember this, that we can add a little more consideration with each other when time comes that there is something our partners have missed to performed as we have expected them to be as part of their obligations towards partner to partner.

Being a partner of course we already have a lot of ideas about weaknesses, mood swings, qualities, etc., and this is what most relationships have misunderstood as fading away of love.

Therefore, if we only realize that we also are responsible then, we will learn to give a bigger consideration about how to keep our love as strong as before.

Some partners are just relying on that, they both have already promised to love each other, they thought that it can be done even without the actual performance.

In the very beginning of the relationship, we used to be doing something impressive, we used to be demonstrative with our feelings, we used to be giving some surprises, we used to be showing some excitement, and happiness being together.

So there were a lot of things that we normally showed and we never did it anymore because we lost the loving feelings that we had from the very beginning of the relationship.

If we only continue with what we were doing before, we will not experience the feeling of love that is fading away.

Recall the way you used to do when you always say how much you love and care, and how happy you are to have become your partner, lover, spouse, girlfriend, and husband or wife.

The old exciting feelings are dying, and the relationship started to get boring, there is no more excitement that drives each other’s feelings of love.

Physical closeness should always be present in a relationship, or else meaningful conversations are needed, because it’s only the love that gives sense in even stupid conversations.

The reason why the feelings of love have started to fade, because we don’t share anymore the same feelings as we did in the beginning.

The longer time you are away from each other is the more chances of your feelings to fade if you don’t keep your close communication tightened with love.

Then once love is slowly fading, the chances of looking for someone new will be bigger because you will then start to develop a new love, once you meet someone whom you think can fill up the missing feelings and care that you normally had with your present relationship.

All relationship started with an exciting one, and the excitement are slowly fading because of how we regarded them as it’s been.

Humans have emotions, the feelings can’t be stopped, no matter how we try, and that is a sure sign of being pure human.

To have a heart doesn’t always mean we’re human without having an emotion in it.

In life, we feel incomplete without the feelings of love, it’s the most wonderful feeling to have loved, but when the feeling is gone, we want to search it again in order to experience the wholeness and the completeness of our being.

It is a choice why we feel, so the most important thing is for us to realize why we have such feelings.

There is none of us that intentionally choose to have such feelings, and we never have intended to let our love fade away.

It’s just suddenly coming our way as the result of what we feel of being shown some changes of feelings very much different than it’s been to be in the very beginning.

Even though we choose different thoughts and actions, we can’t still avoid the different emotions.

Understanding that we are only humans, is a big factor in finding out why love fades and why love grows.

We need to take a loving care for each other endlessly, if we want a never fading feelings of love.

We learned to love because of knowing that we are loved, but once we know that love is getting colder, we noticed and feel that way as well even though it hurts, feeling is contagious, what everyone wants is exactly we also wanted.

Being in love with each other doesn’t guarantee for an unfading love, but we can teach each other to love by just showing that we care and truly love.

So having your love to fade can sometimes be intentional, for we can make it grow or fade by choice.

It’s not a question why love fades, the question is, why you allow your love to fade?

If you only make an effort to let it grow, surely it will, and won’t fade.

We ourselves are responsible because everything is under our control and choice, if we want it not to fade it won’t but since we choose it, definitely it will, as we wanted it to be.

It’s only the long distance relationship that have the bigger chances of experiencing such situation, because not being together will sometimes cause the love to fade specially if the love for each other is not with a strong foundation.

So being far away from each other is the most common but not all for it will all depend upon their faithfulness.

Distance is only a test, if how far love can travel, but the two faithful persons who loved each other can always find a way to make their love stronger by looking for ways to make their communication as close as they are not a part from each other.

Communication is very important, so it’s part to the partner’s obligation to find a way to contact each other in any ways like audio or video calling, or even just text messaging  for as long as there is a way of communication between each other for without this, relationship will be in danger of having it’s love gradually fading.

Physical closeness is very vital in any relationship, so if possible couples have to be together always or at least they meet most of their days in life.

Long distance relationship have encountered some issues due to the lack of intimacy which is normally the binding factor of the relationship, because in a romantic relationship, both are expected to be physically close to each other.

Although we are now in the modern era where communication is not anymore difficult due to the aid of internet.

But still it’s not enough to replace the actual face to face togetherness of the couple or lovers.

Long distance relationship requires effective communication in order to understand each other very well.

If close relationship has encountered some misunderstandings how much more those who are in a long distance.

Many misunderstandings and unavoidable arguments have resulted in an online communication, and it will not bring you any joy and this will cause for the relationship to fall apart.

Most of those who are in a situation of being away from each other have looked for ways to fix it, but sad to say that some of them have decided to end it.

Ending a relationship is not easy but if it is approved by two concerned people, so it’s not right that relationship is ended by

the decision of one person alone, so if ending up a relationship should really be needed then it should be agreed between them.

Long distance relationship is the most common situation that encountered breaking up or fading away love for each other.

Discussing the matters about the relationship specially the long distance one, if partners will only give each other a chance to talk about their issues, problems can suppose to be fixed by themselves if they will make an effort for it.

Unless the partner has no more interest about their relationship for there are some other reasons like having found another to replace.

The most common complaint of many couples nowadays is that the strength and the flame of love are not anymore present in the relationship.

The excitement of the first few months have suddenly gone then couples enthusiasm with their relationship have faded and the hope of bringing back the sweet first months of togetherness have eventually given up.

In order to keep a close relationship to not to change, both should know what to do, and what to not to do.

Each partner should know when is the right time to approach, and when is the right time to go away.

We should always remember that we are only a human being, we have emotions and feelings, and of course with some expectations and anticipations.

We all have our individual different characteristics so we should be willing to accept our individual differences so that we will learn to be considerate and patient with all our weaknesses and failures.

Some of us are demonstrative with the feelings but some are hideous with theirs, and it doesn’t mean they don’t care,

as a matter of fact, some of them who are not showy with their feelings, are the ones who truly love the most.

Couples who are in love can suppose to be keeping their love alive forever, if they only knew how to handle their relationship.

But sad to say, both couples have forgotten their responsibilities as being partners.

Some of them are abusing their rights, because they know that they already owned each other they’re thinking that they are already for each other even without doing an effort which is very much wrong.

What we did from the time when still newly engaged or wed, we have to continue with the same effort till forever.

Yes, we are getting older but our inner being is not, it continues to be young no matter how old you are already.

As long as we are still on the right mind, we still appreciate being taken cared and loved.

However, this should be done by both partners, what we want is what we should show and demonstrate.

If we want care, we should care. If we want love, we should love. Whatever ways that we want to do to ourselves that is the same is the expectation of the others.

So we can’t blame anyone if there are break-ups in a relationship, it’s normally because there are some duties and responsibilities that we need to perform in order to keep the flame of love healthy as it is when it was.

Even though people are not perfect for each other, they still are made perfect because love is a perfect feeling specially, if being appreciated will never fade even by the length of time.

I hope you’ve learnt something from this article about, how love fades?

It’s good for us to make it as pattern for our own relationship to not to reach to the point of having the love for each other to unreasonably fade.


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