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There is none of us who can tell that the huge difference of age in a relationship can mean that such is destined to be not harmonious and successful.

Every time we encounter relationships with big age differences, we can sometimes think of something unfavorable reasons for we concluded that one of them specially the younger side has something that have expected other than love.

Thereby, most couples are thinking about the age difference in relationships, if whether it really matters or not.

However, we can’t blame them for thinking that way, because there are some situations that are happening which are exactly the same as those that they have thought, either the woman or the man has some other intentions.

We can’t judge them based on our own experience and the experience of other people.

Everyone of us has reasons and those reasons can be understood only by them who have experienced it, whether the young ones or the older ones.

Therefore, we don’t need to wonder why age doesn’t matter for some people while for others matters a lot.

There are many factors that we need to consider, because it will all depend on how the relationship started and grow or of what foundation are they basing for it.

If both partners have a love for each other, the difference of age will not be considered as an issue for it will depend on their individual intentions.

Most women who are already of the right age for marrying, they normally prefer older man because of hoping that they are going to be the last love.

Some older men are looking for a younger women, and hoping that they’re going to be the first and the last love.

If both of them have similar intentions and values, then age gap will definitely not matter to them for their relationship can surely overcome the challenges that most relationship will encounter during the test of life between two people who are together.

People will normally have negative comments when they see couples who are far apart when it comes to age.

When the gap is more than ten years, they always make it a questionable relationship without finding out the main reasons of it all.

In reality, there are many other things that we should consider once we talk about lasting relationship between two people who are in the situations that one of them is having a big gap of age from ten years and above.

Actually a person’s age is not an issue, what matters most is how a person behaves at his age, because some people who are young are sometimes behaving more than a matured person do, while some who are old are acting like still young about handling a relationship.

Most of the recorded happy marriages can be found with couples who have big difference in age.

Thereby, it doesn’t matter how old is the partner as long as they have a real love between each other.

If you are looking for a lasting relationship, you must learn a lot of things in life.

So you should not focus only for age, but on how you accept each other’s weaknesses, differences, attitude, and you must respect your partner on the way how you would like to be respected.

Mutual respect can be a big factor if you want a harmonious, and successful relationship.

Show to your partner that you are thankful to have him.

Respect and love are some vital things in making the relationship last, because without it, you can’t expect your companionship to last any longer, for without it your both love will slowly fade away as the time goes by.

A huge gap of age will not really matter if both partners are aware about their responsibilities and obligation for each other as they are living together.

Don’t compare your relationship to some others’ relationships, because yours is about yours, while theirs are not yours.

So whether you are the old ones or the young, don’t let your age difference can cause you to change your feelings just because of some peoples comments and advice, be always with your own decision and opinion.

If you truly love, there’s no reason to have a condition for it, because we fall in love by chance and we stay in love by choice, so if you chose to stay that means you know that you really love unconditionally.

Age is just an issue of mind, so if you don’t mind age doesn’t matter because in love age is just a number.

It is proven by a lot of lasting relationship that with a partner who is ten years and over gap, they lived happily ever after, because most of those who are the old ones will usually be the one to guide the relationship in living harmoniously.

Once again age is just a number, and what really matters is the level of the partner’s maturity and judgment over the relationship.

Whether ten years younger or ten years older, the things that we should look into is the way each other acts, thinks, and feels about the difference in age.

Yes, it’s easy to find someone who will say ‘I love you,’ what is difficult is to whom we can find someone who is telling you the truth.

It’s difficult to find someone we can get along well, therefore, if you can find someone close enough with all those criteria, find a way how keep him because he’s the one that can hold you forever.

Ignore the opinion of other people, it’s you who are in a relationship, and it’s you who know exactly what you are doing and the surrounding people, don’t have any idea about how you feel towards each other.

You have now the chance of proving to the people specially those who have negative comments about your life, that they are mistaken about what they thought.

Prove to them that age is merely a number, so no matter how big is the gap, what is important for you is that you are happy with the one you love.

Many relationships have failed because they made the age as the deciding factor in looking for a perfect partner, without even knowing that the most important is the love that is binding the relationship to last long.

If you are happy with your partner, why should you make the age difference as the hindrance for your feelings.

Don’t let the age difference in relationships change your feelings of love, because real love begins only when nothing is expected in return.

I hope that there is something that you’ve learnt while reading this article called, age difference in relationships.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to write them in the comment box and I will be more than happy to hear it.


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  1. I agree with you. Age doesn’t matter as much as how each person in the relationship feels about the other. I’m married to my wife who is 9 years older than I am and we have a wonderful marriage. We support one another and care about each other’s feelings. You seem to have some experience yourself with the subject. You make good points on focusing on being happy with the one you love. That is the most important point and will definitely keep a couple happily married.

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