Making Love The First Time

Can the first time lovers be forever?

No matter how many of them you love, there is always a special place for true love in your heart.

And making love the first time doesn’t mean that it is your forever.

Why for many of them who offer you their love, you can only find one as the best that you consider as real love. The one special love is the only pure and real one, which you can’t imagine how and why you feel that way. Thereby, a question will come to your mind asking, “ what is the mystery of love?” why and how come we missed whenever we don’t see them and we feel an inexpressible feeling whenever the one we love is around.

Lovers unforgettable experience in a relationship is always the very first hugs, kisses, romance, the sweet talks together, and all the romantic experience, will always linger in the minds, and made you think of the person almost all the time.

First time is always the sweetest experience ever:

For anyone who experience first time, has thought that there is no better experience that can compare the feelings they have, and it happens because experiencing intimacy for the first time will be instilled in the memory and can never be forgotten.

A simple act of holding hands, is already making your thoughts fly up the sky, and this normally is being felt for the first time, to the first love or the first crushes. There is a different kind of feelings which you have not experienced before which you can’t explain how is it, that you feel unusual coldness and hotness of your body accompanied with goose flesh. Only those who are in love can understand what this is.

It is the most pure love you can ever imagined.

One of the main reasons why your first experience is the hardest to forget, because it is the one that made you realize that there is really a true love and that’s how you feel in the very beginning. People don’t expect to fall in love, it is the love itself that made the person to feel it, and he just realize he’s already in love in the blink of an eye. Due to the strong attraction created by the mind and form into an emotion stores in the heart and became true love.

First timer lovers in the beginning are not thinking of any malicious behavior, for them the whole world seems all beautiful, and the beauty of lie became perfect. You seem can’t sleep because of thinking that reality is better than dreams.

The wonderful feelings as first time in love can never be compared, you feel like there is nothing like this that will ever happen to our life again. So for the lovers this is the most special thing that nothing can compare.

Some people called it first love, when they feel the comfort of exposing all their insecurities, and it is mostly enjoyed.

The feeling of comfortability towards the person and not being able to think of whatever will happen after:

Being first time in a relationship first timer in love are not feeling any shame about sharing their insecurities which the partner has not thinking about. The partner is feeling afraid about what will happen to them if they can bear the pain if in case their relationship fails. That’s why it’s normal that jealousy will always be so strong for the first timer in love and relationship.

As first timers the woman or a man can be so jealous and possessive, because both of them are thinking that there is no other love better than what they have.

It’s the thinking that love is forever that lovers have put all their trust, hope, and dreams.

First time lovers have fallen in love without any limitation and assumptions because they have never felt this way before. All what they have in their mind is the faith that they are for each other and they can be forever. This strong faith is helping you to believe that love will always find away when time will come that challenges will happen in the relationship.

This is the only moment of your life that you believe there is a perfect love.

First relationship is believed to be perfect, and you thought that your love has only one language, which is craving for only one heart, and nobody else can replace it in your heart. Due to this kind of feelings, the sense of perfectness creates memories that are hard to forget. Even until you grow old, no matter what happens, you will always long for the perfectness of your relationship.

If ever something wrong will happen in your relationship, you feel like so disheartened of thinking that there will be no other love like this again.

It is the feeling of intense excitement and happiness and turn it to be so emotional.

The excitement and the feeling of love for the first time is the one that will engrave all the sweet memories in your mind in the beginning up to forever. On the other side your first feeling of love is also extremely emotional and intense.

The high and lows of the extreme emotional feelings of love, so it is like a once in a lifetime experience that there is no more chance to be repeated. Therefore, your first love is considered to be the most powerful and great. So the feelings with this kind of relationship is without other responsibilities to be taken cared of.

There is nothing that can compare the “first.”

It is first and true love when you let go and take a dive into the unknown. It is like the memories of all other “first” in your life, except that this one is much stronger.

Think of any experience that is so wonderful that you can’t almost forget and this kind of feelings is the experience that will multiply into thousands of times. Therefore, you feel like such feelings have no comparison and can never be forgotten.

There are no other responsibilities to be thought of other than a carefree first time love.

Normally first love will occur at the very young age. This carefree time was probably when you were a budding teenager, fresh into a relationship with your crush. You had no other responsibilities except to do well in class, which gave you all the time in the world to immerse yourself in your love. Basically, your first love was your full-time job.

As you grow older, your life is burdened with many new responsibilities, year after year. You may never get to experience the absolute and carefree experience of falling in love and enjoying each and every moment of it without having other responsibilities lingering over your head.

This is why the memories of your first love will remain on your mind for the rest of your life—you’ll never have such a carefree state of mind again.

Your first heartbreak feels very surprising.

There is no other painful feeling other than the heartbreak felt from your first time love and relationship. Being your heart broken on the first time is like you are losing all your hope, because you have given all your trust, love, hope, and everything to your first love. It is the most hurting, emotional, heart-breaking and sometimes life threatening.

So why this happened that it feels like it’s the end of the world of the first time lovers:

Because it is the very first time that you are experiencing a broken heart. So naturally there is a painful sense of regret, and the false hope that everything will be okay.

The memory of your first love is very painful and with too much regret.

Once that it happened for you to experience breaking up a relationship with your first love, that is also then that you can realize that if you only knew that this is what will happen, you must not have been putting all yourself to someone so that you will not feel the pain.

Peaking your level of happiness will weaken your sense of judgment and make it hard to draw boundaries. Sometimes it will make you do some stupid things, including committing too early, putting your hopes into one person, getting intimate even if you are not sure, and more.

After first love is falling apart, all things became a burden of regret, saying that why did I trust him with all my heart? Why didn’t I see that he was cheating me?

The word “first love” have two meanings, one is your first boyfriend or girlfriend, whether there is love or without. The second meaning of “first love” is, when you first feel the real love to the person, it can be first, second, third, and so on and so forth. To feel a real love, but your relationship is not successful, it’s so painful to feel, and it’s only those who fell in love could understand it. therefore, it’s not really easy to forget, but for sure you will still learn to love again, although the pain of your first love is unforgettable but later once you learn to love again, you will still remember your first love but there will be no more pain. So whatever will happen, you don’t need to lose your hope, sometimes life is really like that. There are things that we can’t sometimes understand that we did everything for your relationship to work but still you failed. There is always a reason for everything, and most of its reason is for your own good, where you can only understand later in life. So if you happened to be in love and you were hurt, you don’t need to worry, it’s not yet the end of your world, there is still a very bright future waiting ahead.

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  1. This is rather a unique niche and yet so popular I would ask myself- yes, why I didn’t think about it?! At any rate, your content is intriguing as it is truthful and down to earth experience that is related to what is love as far as lovers are concerned. My main point is this has an endless topic. Articles that would bring us back to the golden days of being in fiery love, falling in love and falling out of love and finally love that is abiding, enduring, and true and caring appeared brighter and brighter through the test of time. Why did you choose this niche?

  2. What a beautiful thought compiled in this article. The first love concepts seem so obvious after reading through. First love is, off course, the most important one and gets etched into memory lifelong. You tend to be possessive about each other. It is normally the time when your body is changing and you are experiencing the need for intimacy. Therefore, many times it is plain infatuation but not always so. 

    You begin expecting a perfect relationship in your first. This many a times breaks your heart that this first love is not your life though. 

    Whatever be the discussion or heart-break involved, it is a very sweet feeling to be love first time in life.

    Thanks for this article.

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