Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts

Is your love fading?

The signs that your relationship is ending, can be obviously noticed by each other’s behavior, but since we are human being you can not judge this way in just an instance.

There are tons of reasons why people’s customs will change, You might be the reasons who knows!, or whatever will happen there is always a reason.

But the good thing in a good relationship is that even though you argue, or you fight, as long as there is love all those yesterday’s fight will not stop today’s love.

Is argument and fight in a relationship normal?


I have learned that just because two people argue, doesn’t mean they don’t love each other. And just because they don’t argue, it doesn’t mean they do love each other. This is definitely not the basis for that, arguments and fights, I don’t mean killings but lovely fight because you are fighting not with your enemy but a beloved wife. A little arguments and a little fight are the condiments that gives flavor to a successful marriage

But if you notice that your relationship is really different, I will be giving you some hints of what possibly is happening around your relationship. So if you think that you encounter several similarities of traits then it’s the time for you to find a way to save your relationship sooner or later your relationship will end.

If you are loved you are given a priority.

Both a man or a woman are willing to sacrifice for the one they love. If you truly love your partner you will prioritize his or her needs before anything else. If this is not happening meaning to say there is something wrong that you need to be worried about.

Your loved one is your personal admirer and supporter.

Your husband or your wife is your number one admirer or even number one supporter. But if these all are gone, if there is no more support and admiration, It’s implying that love doesn’t prevail anymore. To support and to admire is another way of showing respect, and once you respect, the support and love is still flaming.

So your partner’s love will easily fade away once respect is gone. So even if your spouse is not earning anything, you will still have to listen and respect her even if it pertains financial matters or else you don’t love anymore.

Once you married you became a part of the family and you should respect them as you have respected your husband.

Many times it happened that daughter-in-law are not keeping along well with mother in law. Sometime it’s because of both sides reasons. Some mother-in-law doesn’t like their daughter-in-law, and of course nobody likes it, but if your wife is a favorite of your mother but still she complained about her, it means a bad sign. If she does’t like the people you love one day she will also do it to you and that is the probability.

A spouse who is truly loving, she will find a way to love you and your whole family as one. And if she’s not behaving this way, you should be alarmed and questioned about what happened to your relationship.

A wife who loves will prove it through actions she will demonstrate her care like caring a little child.

A woman who has love for you whenever she wants your attention she will show you some childish display. But when she looks for a fight in almost everything without a reason, you already have the idea that she’s not loving you anymore or maybe just about to fade. So at this time you have to start evaluating your companionship, how often you argue what argument are you having is there a reason. Yes, argument is inevitable, but if it’s too often means something wrong with your relationship.

A wife who is loving will always find time to be together with you, she feels like a time without you is a lost time.


When you just married, you always find time together, always holding hands, go together shopping, outing, and anything to enjoy being together. Each needs are first among everything, but when your wife becomes very busy all the time, she has more time with her friends than yours, she even cancels your date just for some unexplained reasons, feeling tired that’s why cannot accompany, this is only telling you indirectly that you’re not her priority anymore, so better watch for this.

In the beginning her love was flaming that no other man but you, yet suddenly becomes cold.


Everybody love caress and intimacy, being couple it’s one of the proof of love for each other which is demonstrated through sex. This is where you can physically express your longing for each other. But when suddenly your wife has changed a lot that she feels uneasy whenever you imply asking for sexual favor, that automatically denotes that her love is getting cold and she doesn’t love you anymore. A woman who loves and respect, she will always find a way, and not disappointing you.

She doesn’t answer your messages and calls, reasons phone was left in the room or whatever.

Human beings have emotions because we have love in our heart, and those who don’t have are considered not human at all. So it’s normal that even you’re just somewhere over there in the corner if you don’t hear each other for few hours, even without a reason at all, you will find time to call just to check how’s the situation so far but in reality because you love you already missed her, but what happened is the opposite feelings, instead she will be missing you too, she’s not answering your call and even replying your messages. She doesn’t care how you are worried about her. This is a sure sign that you have no more importance to her and she doesn’t care for you and she doesn’t love you.

She’s no longer interested in you.


A wife who is loving she can not afford to live without you, it is always her longing to be by your side all the time but when suddenly she feels awkward being with you and she doesn’t like that somebody sees you holding hands together, she has no more interest in all your activities like gym, sports or whatever. Not mentioning anymore about your special days like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Then It’s a clear sign that your relationship is in big trouble.

She doesn’t care wherever you go you’re free and she will not bother you.


Most women has a sense of possession, and a woman who loves will always put a matter on even small things. If she sees a lady in your picture she will ask who is that, she will ask where are you going, she will ask why you came so late today, some people called it jealousy but this is the reasonable and common one, the bad jealousy is when you see things always with magnifying glasses which make little into large, of dwarfs into giants, and suspicions into truths. She’s concern about your health. She will even ask you to go for hair cut because she wants you look handsome. She will tell you to brush your teeth because she doesn’t like that other people will tell her that her husband has bad breath. That is a concern of real loving wife. But if what happened is the opposite, . She never care for you anymore, so surely your relationship is almost going to an end.

You’re not anymore part of her plans an ambition for the success of your relationship.


Most women have plans and dreams of their lives in the future and if you’re still part of it she will be mentioning it to you. She wants you to be ready when there are coming events and holidays, she so excited to mention you about it. But if she just plan it for herself, you have to prepare now because that is a sign that your relationship has only a little chance to survive.

With your common sense, all the changes that will happen in a relationship can be so noticeable if you care, not unless you too be feeling the same.

Even if you encountered all those signs in your relationship, you don’t need to lose hope but just don’t expect.

There is still a chance that you can save your relationship, you just have to do all the opposite to take the chance she might change, but if you already do your best but still you failed don’t worry it’s not yet the end of your world.

God sometimes puts people in your life for a reason and removes them from your life for a better reason.

I hope you learn something about the signs that your wife is not loving you anymore.

If you have any comments and suggestions feel free to write them below, or maybe if you have something to add, I will be more than happy to help you out.

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Wherever you are whatever you do stay safe and do pray as always…


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  1. The fact that two argue doesn’t make the enemies and the fact that two do not argue doesn’t make them lovers. I really love that piece of information.
    It is so important that that when you are not given the first priority in your relationship, then the love is fading.
    This article is full of practical information that people will love to read.

    1. thanks for spending your time with my content and for your comments, have a great day.

  2. This post gave me great interest because as a writer myself, I also write relationship articles. The way some marriages quickly fall apart, us relationship authors must provide as much helpful information as possible. You pointing out the signs regarding relationships going rocky, is very helpful. It amazes me how some couples would rather stay together, fight and damn near kill each other, than break up. These are the ones that really need help!

  3. hello dear,

    great  review you’ve got here on signs that your relationship is ending and how to go about it, I must say that I do really find designs with giving here on how to know if your partner’s love is fading off in your is true that love is always band buy some form of trust but also a relationship experiences hard times and if not probably controlled could lead to the end of such relationship.

    thanks for sharing this awesome tips, I look forward to share it on my blog

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