How To Train Up A Child In A Godly Way?

What is a baby?

The very young offspring of a human, an extreme young child, or infant.

A soon as your baby is born he started to tune up your voice and speech pattern to try to find out what you are saying.

Then he started to understand your words but doesn’t know the meaning, but by the tone of your voice he can differentiate whether you are upset or happy.

After few months old he will start to pick up your emotions, love, anxiety, concern, anger, etc.

At 8 months old your child begins to use some gestures or signs to tell you what he wants.

If he wants to be picked up, he will raise his hands, if asked for more food he will nod his head or wave if doesn’t like.

Your baby is tuning in to your tone of voice. When you sound friendly, he’ll react joyfully, and if you speak to him sharply, he’ll probably cry.

At nine months old, he can already recognize and respond to his own name when you call him.

At the age of 12 months to 16 months old, he can already understand simple requests like “give me five,” “show me your beautiful smile,” and some simple other requests.

At the age of 3 years old he can already comprehend a little bit about orders or commands, such as, “reach me your milk bottle,” “put your shoes on the rack,” and maybe many more.

But I’m talking about in general but there are really kids who developed advance knowledge at young age.

My daughter at the age of 2 years she already knows basic operations of the cell phone, such as, taking pictures, scrolling it to her favorite games, movies and many more. She even knows already how to count from 1 to 10.

But I saw some kids same as her age which are not the same therefore, I found out that each kid has his individual personal knowledge development, Some at early age, some at late.

At around the ages of two years and three years, your child will already understand love and trust, and the basic building blocks of relationships. He knows that he is also loved by the rest of the family, and he feels very special because almost everybody who sees him will smile and say hi!

At the age of 4, he will start to understand a bit about right and wrong, on the way you reacted of what he is doing, but still he cannot understand it fully, and therefore, he can still repeat the same naughtiness as he did.

At the age of five, he has already a little clearer understanding about instructions and reactions.

You can already tell him to do something for you, in other words he can already help you to do things that you like.

So the kids from the age of 6 to 11 have already the full capability  to learn and understand to do things but what is lacking on them is to know the good and the bad.

So we can sum all of them up to the question, what is a child?

A child is a person who has not yet reached adulthood.

Therefore, it’s also the right age to train up a child.

How To Train Up A Child In A Godly Way?

The best ways of training up a child  is by letting him know that what he is doing is wrong, being a kid he doesn’t know yet what is good and what is bad unless you correct him.

If  he did something which is bad and you just ignored it, you have neglected your responsibility as parents to correct your child while still young, because once he becomes adult, it will be harder anymore to correct him, cause he has already built his own wrong judgement as the effect of your negligence towards your responsibility as parents and teacher.

Whenever the child does something wrong, correct it right away, by showing that you are not happy with what he is doing and telling him that that is bad and don’t do it again.

As a normal kid, he doesn’t like to see his parents feeling bad because of him, and once he is corrected he will try to implant it in his mind to not to do it again

When do we discipline our child?

A child who is still a kid has no knowledge yet about righteousness. He will only pick up some ideas about what he is doing base in our reactions right after he does something.

If he does something bad and we laugh at it, he is thinking that he did something funny and good, and he has the tendency to repeat and repeat it again for the purpose of amusing you.

So our reaction can teach them something , if he sees you’re happy with what he is doing, even if he’s doing bad he’s thinking it was something amazing because you both are laughing, so our reaction is playing a big role in training them.

We the parents can tell when exactly is the right moment to start correcting, because every child has its individual uniqueness of age understanding.

Some kids at 3 years old can already start to obey your commands while some kids even if already 8 years old, you still need to repeat and repeat in telling him before he can exactly follow your instructions.

So there is no specific standard of age, and it’s only you yourselves can determine it being parents.

Why should we discipline our child?


We correct our child because we care for them. We do it, in order for them to grow up with a proper conduct and behavior which is the source of respect.

We should correct our children to show them that what they are doing is not good.

At the young age of 6 years old,  I still remembered my mom who was so upset with me because I was so hardheaded and didn’t like to stop playing with the scissors.

Actually I was not playing with scissors, I just always carry it wherever I go because my hobby as a kid is drawing objects then after that I cut it up with scissors.

At that age, I felt so bad with my mom that how come she’s not happy with what made me enjoy.

For me she’s not a good mother because I compared her to my other mother’s friends that just allowing them to do it.

But the things I wondered is how come she’s giving me if I ask something else other than playing with scissors.

Being a kid it became a big question of my childhood.

Few years later at the age of 10, I saw a kid who was running to his house because of strong rain, the boy accidentally fell down on the slippery wet floor and and had got a big wound on his stomach due to the scissors which was in his pocket.

Right there and then I realized why my mom didn’t allow me, to play with that.

The disappointment I had with my mom had turned into a big thank an appreciation.

I thanked her so much for being so strict about disciplining me, I didn’t know that it’s for my own good.

So in that case, I realized that when my mom said NO!, she was saying ‘I LOVE YOU’.

Do we need to punish our child?

Punishment is really a necessity when you see that words are not enough to correct him. When you already did all the ways of good corrections and still nothing had happened then that means he needs a higher level of disciplinary action.

What is the proper way of disciplining your child?

The proper way of punishing is to let him be aware that he is doing something unpleasant, and because of it you need to show him how much you hate this kind of things being done.

What kind of correction do we need to apply to our children?

Of course you are dealing with your beloved child whom you had eagerly waited for nine months and made you the happiest person in the world, when you heard him crying upon delivery, so you should discipline him with love and tenderness.

Always remember that your child is not your enemy, you don’t need to hurt him.

If how you punish your pet dog when did something very wrong, remember your kid is not your pet, he is your loving child.

Being parents you know exactly how to properly execute it.

Don’t be like other parents who showed more consideration to animals than their kids which is very wrong

And such parents who are like that, have not understood fully the value of a relationship between parents and children.

What will you benefit for punishing your child?

As long as you are doing the right way of disciplining, you are doing your best part and responsibility, and the correction and discipline that you have done will become their guide when they will become parents.

Children could not realize it yet, they could not appreciate it yet, until they become parents themselves..


To discipline a child, both of you the parents have to be in same page,  both of you will do it together, not that one of you is against each other.

The young mind of a kid will be spoiled if he sees that one is upset with him and the other is supporting him.

You have to show to him that none of you are pleased with what he is doing.

You also have to brief your Mother or your father to never show that they care for him while the correction is in progress.

He’s doing bad and he has to realize it, when he sees that because of doing bad, nobody likes him anymore, then he will implant in his mind to never do it again or else, nobody will like him anymore.

As soon as he realizes it, he will start to show to you that he’s trying to be good already, he will maybe arrange something or maybe sweeping the floor, or anything he will do, just to catch your attention.

He will gradually approach you and say sorry to you, then you have to say, “never do it again, or else I don’t like you anymore.”

Yes! it’s really so hard to say this to a child whom you loved, but for the sake of him to be corrected, you have to show that you are not happy with what he is doing.

While we try to teach our child all about life, our child is teaching us what life is all about.

So stop trying to perfect your child, but keep trying to perfect your relationship with him.

It is our responsibility to correct our kids whenever they will do something wrong, for hoping they will not do it again.

We have to discipline them because we care and we love not because we hate, and the purpose for it is for their own good and they will be thankful for it later because what he learned will also be applied to their own family once they become parents.

Punishment can be okay as long as in the right way, it is not bad however it’s good, and this signifies that you love him as your child.

And lastly I would like to remind you parents that it is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings.

Punishment once again for doing wrong is not bad, however is a sure sign of a loving parents who deeply care.

Hebrews 12:8

If you are not punished, as  all his children are, it means you are not real children, but bastards.

If you learn something or if you have comments and suggestions, feel free to write below, and I will be more than happy to hear it.

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Wherever you are, whoever you are, and whatever you do. May God bless you as always.


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  1. Our children are a wonder for every parent. We love to see them explore and learn. Yeah, not all children are the same. Some excel in some areas. And others seem rather slow. But their development process is different. I like to watch closely for clues of ability and orient my child in that direction.

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