How To Work As A Team?

You are going to spend a lot of times at work therefore, you are going to be having more time spent with colleagues rather than anyone else in the world, which is sometimes more than the time spent with your family specially when you are working abroad.

It is therefore, necessary for you to have a good relationship with colleagues at work for you to show your professionalism toward anyone within your establishment.

Your working environment can be even better when you have a harmonious working relationship with your co-workers and then working can become a pleasure and enjoyable.

Actually it doesn’t need for you to be friends with your colleagues, but anyhow you should need to be friendly to them for at least you have initiated the best example on how to work well with colleagues, and then your working environment can be a happier place to be for all of you.

To get a long well with colleagues at work doesn’t need that you should all be friends but at least you can demonstrate a respectful behavior towards one another.

How to do it? You should try to be open to them, be cooperative and helpful, and try to avoid doing anything which is offensive and hateful.

learn to observe things around you, always think of it that they are not your family and you are not at home, so never forget to clean up after yourself, be always a useful worker not a burden, avoid being late which can cause inconvenience of your other colleagues who can be overloaded with work as the result of your tardiness.

In other words, avoid anything that is disgusting and irritating, because it will cause them to feel of not being comfortable working with you for they will count you as not a help of the team but a burden.

* Those who gossip can not be trusted with a secret.

Nobody likes anybody who is talking behind someone else’ back, so even you yourself don’t like it so don’t do what you don’t like other to do unto you that is just as simple as that.

Some people are garrulous while others are secretive. Once encounter any of your colleagues who is mentioning you something which is confidential never ever disclose it to anyone. Sometimes, your colleagues shared some confidential information because he is trusting you and don’t disappoint them.

-Try to be nice with the difficult colleague.

There is no difficult colleagues to deal with, if you only knew how to deal with them.

Sometimes, there is just something that colleagues don’t understand about operation, because most difficult people are really not happy with what they are doing, they have set their minds into just one direction, and their way of thinking things are mostly opposite than those who are enjoying what they are doing.

To be a happy worker is contagious, if you show your co- workers such attitude of being considerate and cooperative plus to be being happy while working, in this way you have made those difficult people realize that there’s may be something wrong with them for why some of their colleagues have different view of life, for why you are able to be happy considering you are doing the same tasks.

Working in the same company specially with the same area, it is so uncomfortable to be working with someone whom you don’t like, and the first way to make them like you is to like them first, for while you are showing kindness even to those difficult colleagues, you have trained them how to be kind to anyone, and later you will turn that difficult co-worker into an easy and a good partner at work.

-Be courteous even your colleagues are not.

By saying a good morning to them is already a big factor for educating them on how to show courtesy towards one another.

You may not expect them to be genuine with how they respond when you say good morning but at least you have shown to them how great it be when somebody is noticing you that you are around.

It is so important for us to have the habit while at work to be smiling always and greet everyone as you come in the morning to begin your work and say goodbye as you leave.

It’s a big magic effect that even though it’s just a simple courtesy towards others but it’s creating a big impact to your relationship with one another in your workplace area.

-Be approachable and be open with jokes to your colleagues.

Some co-workers like to crack with jokes to tease you in any ways sometimes about your way of actions, don’t get angry with them for this is one of the signs that they feel comfortable working with you, not unless if the joke is very personal and not acceptable then you have the right to tell them to stop for you don’t like it, but other than that, you should always make them welcome to you.

Show to them that you like some jokes as well for it’s good to have fun while working so that the time will run a little faster.

-You may share your colleagues about your observation at the same time you can ask them how they think.

Most people love to be asked about their point of view in your working place, and you can ask them their opinions about how to improve things for the better.

Then you talk about how what is the best things to do then all of you will exchange your ideas then decide which one is to be applied in your working environment in order for you to have a more harmonious relationship as co-workers of the same area of responsibility.

-Let your colleagues talk and listen attentively.

There are many ways in which you can ask your colleagues even their personal interests, their hobbies, their likes and dislikes, etc.,

Engaging into talks will make them feel comfortable working with you and it will make them also to like you for what you are, because you have initiated this thing so you will get as how you have shown to them like the kindness and sincerity which they have experience with you


-Be a team player.

Once remove the team from teamwork you will have only the work and of course nobody likes it, and of course why should you remove it?

There is no easy job, as the bigger is your salary is the bigger is the responsibility so, it is normal that most work will never bring you any comfort but most depending upon your thinking but some workers consider it as stressful.

There are different levels of stress in work so no matter what is your position as long your not the owner you will always have stress with it.

The bigger the pay the bigger is the stress and that’s how it is whether you like it or not.

The only way to minimize stress Is to work together with good relationship with one another so that you will not notice the stress of it.

-Build a strong relationship with your colleagues.

It’s not easy to build a strong bond for it needs time, and the starting point of it be when you started your very first day in your job.

So try to catch a good first impression for first will last. Try to be friendly to everybody around you.

Once feel that it’s difficult for you start initiate a rather small talk with them, at least you will show your smile through your eyes that is throwing a genuine one and surely it will come back to you.

-It is your responsibility to look for ways on how to deal with difficult co-worker.

You can’t deal with them if your basis is how they deal with you, that’s the reason why you should know how to deal with them because you are the first one to do it, and then chances are, by the good attitude that you have shown, you can convince them to become good as what you like them to be.

Irrespective of how disgusting they are for you, look for ways to keep a long with them, in order for you to have a quite favorable working environment.


Excellent office etiquette is very useful.

Good attitude and proper behavior is very vital on a job, and you should be aware of it and always remember specially when you are surrounded by your co-workers, so be nice to them no matter what happens.

One of the most important words that needs to be used while working with different people of different nationalities is the popular and the most accepted which is “please.”

No matter how lazy is the person but once he hears this word he will be moved to do it willingly because of the way it is applied in an instruction or order, so be polite to them as much as possible and you will meet your desired expectation.

So be mindful about proper table etiquette and manners when eating with your co-workers.

Try to avoid coughing for this might disturb them, and set your phone to silent, and be just a listener more than the talker.

-Be helpful and kind towards your co-workers.

It is a must to be helpful to your colleagues all the time, and to show kindness to them all.

It never happened that a kind and broad-minded person had encountered any incident of a serious argument because nobody can afford dispute a person who is nice and kind to everyone.

Just maintain your professional behavior towards all, and be helpful as much as possible, and never wait to be told to things however, initiate to take action towards the possible solution.

Gossiping is the most hateful and disgusting sort of things to happen in any organization so be always mindful, that you don’t talk about other people with some other people not unless it is a positive comment that will please to the particular person who became the center of the talking.

Spreading gossip had caused a lot of trouble in many places where there are people working together.

That’s why no matter how sure you are about the information shared to you, never share it to anyone unless you are told to do so specially when it is about advertisement.

So the only exemption where you are allowed to share information to other people be when it is about promoting your companies business, because word of mouth is one of the cheapest advertisement so only in this case sharing information is allowed.

I hope you learn good things about getting a long well with colleagues at work, and if you have any questions, or maybe suggestions, I will be more than happy to hear it.


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